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How Pelvic Floor PT Helps Children with Constipation & Incontinence

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By Shannon Pacella, DPT, PHRC Lexington Did You Know… Bedwetting affects 15%-22% of children, and of those children, 10%-25% have urinary leakage during the day.1  One of the primary causes of bedwetting and daytime wetting is constipation.1 10%-25% of children who bed wet also have difficulty controlling their bowels.1 Awareness of bladder sensation and control of bladder begins between one …

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Pediatric Success Story: Constipation interrupting your kids’ activities?

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By Melinda Fontaine, DPT, PHRC Walnut Creek Symptoms   Many families struggle with constipation in children. Maya is a 10 year old who likes to swim, camp, and play with her little brother. She had suffered with constipation and fecal incontinence most of her life. A year ago, an x-ray showed that she had an enlarged colon from chronic constipation, and …

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Voiding Problems in Children: Pelvic Floor PT can Help

In Pediatric Pelvic Health by Stephanie Prendergast6 Comments

PHRC is now offering pediatric pelvic floor PT at its Berkeley and San Francisco locations. This blog post is dedicated to explaining both the voiding problems that lead children to pelvic floor PT and how PT can help. Many children suffer from bladder/bowel voiding dysfunction. In fact, 20% of all pediatric visits are for incontinence problems. The umbrella term for …