Marcy on Sex and Leaking after Babies; Her Frenemy: The Kegel!; and What Actually Happens during a Pelvic Floor PT Session {VIDEO}

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Sex and leaking after childbirth. Her love/hate relationship with Kegels. The down low on how pelvic floor PT works. Urinary leakage. No topic is off limits when Marcy sits down with Steph and Lauren, the hosts of The Lady Brain Show!

“We have loads of questions,” kicks off Steph. “I can’t sneeze without crossing my legs and kind of leaning into it, or it’s all over. Is that incontinence or is it: ‘I’ve had two kids and that’s what happens.’”

“That’s incontinence,” Marcy answers. “That’s actually defined as stress urinary incontinence…or we can say urinary leaking if that’s not as scary as incontinence…but yes, that’s defined as stress incontinence, losing urine with laughs, coughs, sneezing, jumping, running…”

“Is [the fix] as simple as doing Kegels? Or is there more to it?” asks Lauren.

“Oh Kegels!” Marcy replies. “I have mixed feelings about the Kegel. I love and I hate the Kegel…”

Click on the video above to hear Marcy explain why the Kegel is her frenemy as well as the reasons why new moms’ need pelvic floor rehab, what really goes on during a typical pelvic floor PT session, and more!

Video courtesy of The Lady Brain Show.


  1. Great article. More women need to get to know their pelvic floor better. Seeking advice on how this is done via your women’s health physiotherapist is the best way to start your training.
    WH physiotherapists can also help with posture and determine if there is a pelvic organ prolapse, which is something else nobody ever speaks about yet it happens to over 55% of women.

    Its important to offer a better quality of life especially where the condition can be treated without surgery.

  2. This is a great overview of pelvic floor PT that I would love to place on our website if possible. We are fans of the Oakland PT group and wish there were more PT groups out there who dedicated all of their time to pelvic floor dysfunction. We have hundreds of patients from 13 different states who all need pelvic floor PT and struggle to find one close to them. Many of our patients travel anywhere from 1-2 hours in order to find a pelvic floor PT! I hope more continue to surface and also begin to work not only with doctors but with sex therapists and counselors. Thank you for this great video! I hope this goes viral. 🙂

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      Thank you for your kind words Alexandra!

      An email regarding your request to repost the video has been sent your way!

      All my very best,

  3. Great video! I would love to know if the presenter went to see Marcy to treat her Stress Incontinence 🙂

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