Roundup: What Top Pelvic Health Bloggers are Talking About

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A controversial new Kegel product; the benefits of “going commando”; a review of male pelvic pain; and controversy surrounding epidurals: these are among the blog posts that some of our favorite pelvic health bloggers have posted in the past few months.

In this blog we offer a roundup of these and other noteworthy posts for your reading pleasure.

KGoal: What’s the Big Deal? 


In her typical thoughtful and no-holds-barred fashion, one of our favorite PT colleagues, Julie Wiebe, gives her take on the “KGoal,” a new Kegel-aide product.

Writes Julie in her post:

“I have to say I am not excited about yet another product that sells isolated pelvic floor strengthening. I am sure the Kgoal and all products of its kind do a great job at what they are sold to do…teach you to find and isolate the pelvic floor…over and over and over again (Now bigger, now smaller, now longer). But there is so much more. Sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and prolapse are ALL multifactorial, multifaceted issues (how bout that for making sex sound boring). Treating them as a one muscle problem misses the boat.”

Well said Julie!

To read the post in its entirety, click here.

Dressing your Downstairs: A Vaginal Health Guide to Underwear and Going Commando


In this fabulous post, one of our new favorite bloggers isn’t afraid to go there in her vaginal health guide to underwear/going commando!

Read the post here.





Painful Sex: Vaginismus, Vulvodynia and Vestibulodynia

In a series of posts on her fantastic new blog, PT Sara Saunder of Sullivan PT in Austin, makes a complicated topic super-accessible! Thank you Sara!

To read the entire series, click here, here and here.

Kegels for your Feet


In her latest post, our favorite yogi, Dustienne Miller, gives the down low on the relationship between our pelvic floor and the feet

Writes Dustienne: “Your feet inform your standing posture, which informs your pelvic floor function. Standing with your rear end tucked under? That puts the gluts to sleep! Strengthening your feet not only improves your balance, but increases your awareness of being of grounded.”

Read the post in its entirety here.

More VBACs will take communication, compromise, better training, and tort reform


In this post, Dr. Jen Gunter explains the hard truths about “VBACs,” vaginal births after C-Sections.

Writes Dr. Gunter:

“Would you ever drive with your newborn on your lap in the car? Most of us would be aghast at the thought of such a thing. The thing is the chance of a car accident on any given day is far less than a uterine rupture with a VBAC. Is is technically safer to drive with an unrestrained infant than VBAC at home. These stats don’t mean don’t have a VBAC anymore than they mean don’t take your baby for a drive, just do those things in the safest manner possible.”

Read the post in its entirety here.

Why is the Natural Birth Movement so Afraid of Epidurals

In another informative post, Dr. Gunter tackles controversy surrounding epidurals. Check out that post here.

Let’s Hear it for the Boys: Pelvic Health for Men

male-pelvic-pain In addition to tackling Kegels, Julie W. put together a great series on male pelvic pain. Check out part one here and part two here.








Video: Soula’s Pelvic Pain Story


And last, but not least is this powerful video chronicling one pelvic pain patient’s story:

Imagine sitting on an exercise ball…and it suddenly explodes, leaving your bottom falling directly on a concrete floor. This happened to Soula and changed her life. Watch her story on her FB page here.







  1. Thank you so much for this blog!! I always learn so much from you all. In this day and age of limited time in schedules and still having a desire for constant learning, it offers so much food for thought and direction for continued investigation.
    Keep up the good work of getting the information out there.
    Linda LaBorde

  2. Since finding your site I have begun to address several issues concerning CP/CPPS and ED/SEXUAL issues that I have been suffering from over the past few years.I wish I had known about this stuff years ago. Thanks for this wonderful Blog!

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