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blog roundup
One of the things I love best about blogging is the opportunity it’s given me to meet and interact with other bloggers in the pelvic health universe. And to be sure, there are some real stars out there! Just in case you haven’t spotted them yet, in today’s post, we’ve corralled all of the most recent, must-read posts from our favorite pelvic health bloggers. Enjoy!

MomsLittleRunningBuddy_featurebloggerbadgeWhy a New Mom Regrets Running during Pregnancy

In this post, Sarah, passionate runner and mom of two shares the impact running during pregnancy had on her pelvic floor.

“I wish I hadn’t run during my pregnancy,” she writes. “Maybe I am being overly dramatic because I can’t run right now. Because my goals feel far away and completely unattainable. because the voice of defeat is so loud. Because the limitations of my body are frustrating my mind. The dramatic aside, there is truth in it what I write. I DO wish that I had refrained from running during my pregnancy. And here is why:”

Click this link to read the rest of the post:

And in another recent post, our favorite mom-on-the-run gives readers her great tips for “Making the Core and Pelvic Floor a Priority.”

Read that post here:

The #pelvicmafia has Officially Arrived! Find out how it all Began

In this post, one of our fave fellow pelvic floor PTs, Julie Wiebe, gives the scoop on the Twitterverse’s new go-to community for everything pelvic health and rehab: #pelvicmafia.

Explains Julie: “[The origins of #pelvicmafia] is at its heart a tale of passion, that began on twitter and has grown into a network of international practitioners who get pretty bossy and passionate about the pelvis in 140 characters or less every day.”

Read the post in its entirety here:

wax1Pubic Hair: Why you might want to Think Twice before Waxing

We love Dr. Gunter’s blog because it totally lives up to its promise: “Wielding the Lasso of Truth!” And she does just that in this post where she explains the harm in going hairless.

“A divorced friend of mine who recently started dating was shocked to find that the complete absence of female pubic hair seemed to be an expectation among her potential partners,” Dr. Gunter begins. “Wanting more information on the subject she, of course, turned to her gynecologist friend who specializes in vulvovaginal disorders. This is what I told her…”

Read the post here:

And in another super-informative post, Dr. Gunter talks about society’s “love affair with the scalpel. Such an important read!

Click the following link to read the post:

bimTreating Vulvodynia: Can we do Better?

“Topical medication or cutting the bits off are considered the two best options [for treating vulvodynia] and result in roughly chance success. Can we do better?”

That’s the question Chicago pelvic floor PT, Sandy Hilton, (who happens to be one of our favorite pelvic floor health advocates), asks in the eloquent post she penned for, our favorite pain explaining blog from Down Under.

Read the post here:

babycenterWhat New Moms need to know about rehabbing their Pelvic Floors

In this post, our fave online community for moms-to-be and new moms, tells readers everything they need to know about postpartum pelvic floor rehab. Thank you for tackling this mucho important topic!

Read the post here:

Acupuncture’s Role in Pelvic Floor Rehab

In this two-parter, the folks at Beyond Basics in NYC give a fantastic overview of acupuncture for the pelvic floor. A truly informative read!

To read Part I, click here:

To read Part II, click here:


www-sharemayflowers-orgPostpartum Pelvic Floor Rehab: We CAN do Better!

Need a dose of enlightenment? You’ll find it at Share May Flowers, pelvic floor PT and women’s health advocate, Jessica McKinney’s amazing blog.

In this fantastic post, guest blogger, Laura Robbins, a PT specializing in obstetrics and female and male pelvic health, writes a thought-provoking piece on the lack of education about postpartum pelvic floor rehab in the U.S. Writes Laura: “It’s 2013, where you at America? Isn’t it time that we put aside the “go on vacation, have a glass of wine” mentality of experiencing pain during sex, and actually do something about it?”

Click the following link to read the post:

anatomyThe Ultimate Pelvic Anatomy Resource!

No blog roundup would be complete without The Pelvic Guru’s outstanding pelvic floor anatomy resource! The Pelvic Guru a.k.a. Tracy Sher, a fellow pelvic floor physical therapist, is constantly updating this amazing resource so regular visits to the site are a must!

Click the following link to check out this amazing resource:

If I’ve missed any posts or if you know of an amazing pelvic health-related blog you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section!

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