Do you want to become a leader in the field of pelvic floor physical therapy? Do you enjoy working with this patient population but are having a hard time finding mentorship? Do you want a collaborative supportive work environment vs being ‘alone on an island’? If so, PHRC is the place for you!


PHRC Mission

Liz and Stephanie created the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation in 2006 with the intention of becoming the gold-standard for pelvic health physical therapy. We are committed to improving the quality of life of our patients and the dynamic growth of our employees and students. We boldly tackle educating the community and medical professionals with our innovative and evidence-based practice. We compete by providing outstanding customer service and attracting, motivating, and retaining talented people.


Since 2006 we have:


  • Grown from one office to eleven
  • Created our popular blog, As the Pelvis Turns
  • Published our book Pelvic Pain Explained
  • Developed the first course on Pudendal Neuralgia, Demystifying Pudendal Neuralgia, and taught it 38 times
  • We have lectured around the world for multiple organizations
  • We have authored numerous papers and textbook chapters
  • Stephanie was the first physical therapist to serve as President of the International Pelvic Pain Society

We owe our successes to the strength of our team, which is why you should consider working with us. Liz and Stephanie wanted to create an environment unlike any other that we worked in, an environment committed to ongoing learning and clinical success. For this reason we want to share a few things that make us a unique company to work for and that help our team members achieve clinical success.


Professional Development



We know from experience that committed professionals, whether they are new graduates or veterans, add value to our company. As a team, we work together to continuously learn and improve our own skills. As a company, we have a diverse range of skills and experience, allowing us to create and provide a unique training program. We individualize each training program to meet the needs of our new team member. Our structured training program consists of weekly clinical and didactic goals. Our entire staff works together to help new team members prepare for a successful and enjoyable experience at PHRC.



Mentorship and collaboration does not end when the training program does. In order to remain on the cutting edge we must stay current with literature and advances in the field. Therefore, we offer the following:


  • Weekly company-wide staff meetings that include the following:
    • Weekly journal article presentation by a PHRC therapist
    • Weekly case study presentation from a PHRC therapist
    • Discussion of challenging cases with entire PHRC staff
    • Discussion of new physical therapy and medical treatment techniques
    • Discussion of ongoing company-wide projects
  • Scheduled weekly meeting of the staff member and their supervisor
    • Review of complex patients
    • Opportunity to discuss personal and professional concerns and ideas
    • Professional development and leadership modules
  • Quarterly Inservices
    • We select one medical expert per quarter to present a one-hour in-service to our staff
  • Advanced Skills Discussions
    • Each quarter, staff physical therapists will review a complex case prepared by Stephanie or Liz for an hour-long discussion
    • Additionally, new staff members will meet with each of our physical therapists. The staff physical therapists at PHRC will prepare a case discussion for the new employee. This is an ongoing process and allows staff members in different offices to get to know each other.



We pride ourselves on the company culture at PHRC. All of our team members work hard to support our patients and each other. While the nature of work is serious, laughter is often heard in our offices. Our company is set up to support a healthy work/life balance, a positive and cheerful atmosphere is part of this balance and very important to us.

We asked our therapists to comment on what it is like at PHRC. Here is what they had to say:


Training Program

“The hands on training was great because it’s rare to get that much personalized training in a new job, but I became very confident in my skills. And I love that it continues throughout the years because I can always check in with Steph and Liz or the other therapists in my office to try a new technique or tool or see if there is a better way to do something.”

“The number of research articles provided to give me a solid base for how to treat and tackle pelvic pain. The hands on training was also essential and unlike any other place I have interned at.”

“The training program offers a safe environment to learn and practice with your mentor. I do not know of any other companies that offer a training program. This was important for me when I first started treating pelvic pain”

“That I got a lot of personal time with different PTs and was able to observe how different people treat patients.”


Staff meetings

“Staying up to date because we are reviewing new literature, talking about what we learn, and problem solving with real cases.”

“Both sharing and listening to the new cases. It is a great space to get feedback about how best to approach each patient. It is also a great space to learn about new conditions and how to treat them.”

“The staff meetings help keep communication open and flowing between all 5 clinics. There is a sense of camaraderie even though we are all in different cities. The staff meetings are a great place to ask questions and for support, especially with difficult cases. The staff meetings encourage communication, support, and a sense of belonging to a great company.”

“Being able to hear about what is going on in the office and about other people’s patients, bounce ideas etc.”


PHRC in general

“It’s a small company, so I know I am being heard. If I have a need, changes can be put in place quickly to meet it. I also get the chance to work with a very dedicated group of people. Everyone is here because they want to help patients. Who goes into pelvic PT for the glamour and fame? That being said, PHRC also gave me the connections to all the who’s who in the world of pelvic PT.”

“The techniques are more effective, the approach is both patient and research based and new research is always being discussed. Also, the team approach and support from other therapists is incredible.”

“Communication, support, camaraderie, journal club, staff meetings, weekly one-on-one meetings with your manager, holiday party, summer retreat, quarterly lunches, health benefits, vacation benefits, 401K, opportunity for bonuses, etc.”

“The company culture is positive and everyone works together to be better both as clinicians and professionals”.


Why should a physical therapist consider working at PHRC?

For the glamour and fame and the sweet uniform shirts! OR If you want to help people pee, poo, have sex, have babies, wear underwear, and sit and if you want to break the stigma associated with pelvic issues, then PHRC will give you the training and tools to do so.”

“If you want to treat pelvic pain, this is the place to work. You will learn an immense amount about pelvic pain and get the support you need to tackle tough cases.”

“ PHRC is a great company! The minute I interviewed with Liz and Steph, I knew I wanted to work for them. I appreciate all the support I receive from everyone. We have a great team!”

“You get a lot of support treating a difficult but rewarding patient population.”If you would like to interview with us please use the form below.