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Pelvic Pain Through the Lens of Curiosity: What Can You Learn?

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By Karah Charette, DPT, PHRC San Francisco & Berkeley Pain might be one of the most pesky forms of mindfulness. When you are in pain, it is usually all you can think about. It draws you into the present moment whether you want to be or not. In this moment, there also often comes the fear that you have no …

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How to Use Mindful Somatic Movement for Pelvic Pain Relief: Video Included!

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By Maryssa Steffan, DPT, PHRC Berkeley Pelvic pain can feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of symptoms. It may feel like you are doomed forever. When your body is tense and your fear is feeding the pain response, moving your body may be the last thing you want to do. You may wonder how you can possibly …

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Before signing up for that virtual exercise class – are you ready?

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By Karah Charette, DPT, PHRC Berkeley, Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor What I love most about being a pelvic floor physical therapist is that the ultimate goal is to empower our patients to participate in their own journey of healing. This is what allows for the hopeful and eventual progression towards independence. However, once someone has reached that point, the …