You’re Invited to a Live Virtual Event! Sue’s Pelvic Pain Success Story & Going the Distance for her Cause! 

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By Kim Buonomo, DPT, PHRC Lexington


Here at PHRC we love to celebrate our patients’ success and we are inviting you to join us for a special success story and fundraising event. We shared a little on IG Live last week, in case you missed it, you can view the video on our Instagram.

Register for the full event via this link.


We are always thrilled when our patients meet their goals, whether that is sitting in a chair without pain, or participating in a major event like the Boston Marathon. Never before has PHRC done a LIVE interview with one of our patients. We understand many people watching and reading this post may still be suffering. Our interview will provide hope that things can and do get better AND we are here to help Sue reach another goal: raising money for a wonderful charity fighting violence against women. Keep reading to see how you can help Sue reach her fundraising goal! 


Sue has been a runner for many years and her love of running got her through some really dark times in her life. While running downhill in April 2020, she felt a “twinge” of pain on the right side of her lower abdomen/groin. That twinge grew with each run until November of last year when she ended up in so much pain that it was impossible for her to continue running. She describes that when the pain was at its worst, it felt like her uterus was falling out. She saw an MD and a chiropractor, and underwent several tests which did not provide her with the answers she wanted. She iced and stretched, and nothing helped until she found PHRC in December 2020.


When Sue started at PHRC Lexington, she wasn’t able to stand from a chair without pain. Sue and I worked together to improve her ability to perform basic functions like walking without pain and when she could do more activity safely, we started working toward her goals of getting back to running. Around April of 2021, a year after her initial injury, Sue decided that she was ready to train for the Boston Marathon under continued supervision by me. 


In this live virtual success story, Sue and I will take you on a journey describing Sue’s path to recovery and how pelvic floor physical therapy has been instrumental in helping her achieve her goals. During this hour long event, we will: 

  • Talk in detail about Sue’s success with PHRC including the steps we took to get her going the distance to the finish line
  • Explain how pelvic floor physical therapy is different from orthopedic physical therapy and why you may want to see a pelvic floor specialist if you are having an issue with running
  • Describe some conditions that commonly affect runners which may benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy and how pelvic floor physical therapy can help patients of all genders achieve their goals.
  • Elaborate on Sue’s charity, the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation, and explain why this is a cause that is uniquely important to both Sue and me, as a new runner myself
  • We will answer some of YOUR questions about the patient’s perspective of treatment at PHRC (Leave your questions in the comments below!)


As part of Sue’s marathon participation, she will be fundraising on behalf of the Vanessa T Marcotte Foundation. Vanessa was a runner who was attacked and murdered while on a run. The foundation set up in her memory is devoted to eliminating violence against women. PHRC is proud to support Sue as she goes from sideline to finish line for such an important cause. We are asking our viewers for a $10 donation which will grant you access to this one-of-a-kind event. All proceeds will go directly to charity. You can register and donate online. After you register and donate, you will get an email from Eventbrite with a zoom link. Make sure that you have a zoom account so that you can follow the link and log in to view the event on September 8th at 4:30 EDT. Annnnd… PHRC is MATCHING all donations raised from this event! 


If you have a burning question about treatment at PHRC that you would like us to answer, please drop it in the comments below or leave it on our social media and then head online to register for the event! We look forward to seeing you on September 8th to support a great cause!



Are you unable to come see us in person? We offer virtual physical therapy appointments too!

Due to COVID-19, we understand people may prefer to utilize our services from their homes. We also understand that many people do not have access to pelvic floor physical therapy and we are here to help! The Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center is a multi-city company of highly trained and specialized pelvic floor physical therapists committed to helping people optimize their pelvic health and eliminate pelvic pain and dysfunction. We are here for you and ready to help, whether it is in-person or online. 

Virtual sessions are available with PHRC pelvic floor physical therapists via our video platform, Zoom, or via phone. For more information and to schedule, please visit our digital healthcare page.

In addition to virtual consultation with our physical therapists, we also offer integrative health services with Jandra Mueller, DPT, MS. Jandra is a pelvic floor physical therapist who also has her Master’s degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition. She offers services such as hormone testing via the DUTCH test, comprehensive stool testing for gastrointestinal health concerns, and integrative health coaching and meal planning. For more information about her services and to schedule, please visit our Integrative Health website page

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