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Stephanie Prendergast is on Katie’s Crib Podcast!

by Katie's Crib

Many of us know Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins on the popular TV show Scandal. Recently Katie became a mom and began her popular podcast, Katie's Crib, about motherhood. PHRC cofounder Stephanie Prendergast was interviewed for the show about postpartum pelvic floor physical therapy.

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Radiant Life Design: Interview with Stephanie Prendergast

by Stephanie Prendergast

Stephanie Prendergast speaks to Lorraine Faehndrich and the participants of her mind/body course to heal pelvic pain. Mindfulness and pelvic floor physical therapy are two treatment strategies that compliment one another and help women recover from pelvic pain.

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Pelvic Floor Health – Beyond the Kegels

by Informed Pregnancy

Stephanie talks to Dr. Berlin about pelvic health during pregnancy, delivery, and in the postpartum period. Women are under-informed about the role of the pelvic floor muscles during labor and delivery and their importance for urinary, bowel, and sexual functioning.

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Painful Sex and Pelvic Pain Webinar

by Irene Fehr

Pain is your body's way of signaling that something is wrong. It's a cue to take a step back and figure out what's happening.Let's have a conversation about what might be causing the pain and design a path forward to reclaiming pleasure, intimacy and joy of sex.

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Stop! Don’t Do Kegels

by Sex with Dr. Jess

This week, Jess is joined by Rachel Gelman, the Director of San Francisco’s Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Centre. Rachel shares her unique insight on pelvic floor health, sexual pain and the fact that Kegels are overprescribed. Tune in to find out if you should be doing Kegels.

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Proper Diagnosis and Treatment of Pelvic Pain, Part 1

by Doctor Ronald Hoffman: Intelligent Medicine

Stephanie Prendergast, author of "Pelvic Pain Explained: What Everyone Needs to Know," explains how pelvic floor dysfunction may underlie a wide variety of challenging conditions: prostatitis in men, vaginal pain in women (vulvadynia), and sexual, bowel and urinary problems (including interstitial cystitis) in both sexes.

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Proper Diagnosis and Treatment of Pelvic Pain, Part 2

by Dr. Ronald Hoffman: Intelligent Medicine

Dr. Hoffman continues his conversation about pelvic floor dysfunction with Stephanie Prendergast, author of "Pelvic Pain Explained: What Everyone Needs to Know"

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Pelvic Realness with Rachel Gelman

by Go Head Mama

Put down that jade egg, pause your compulsive kegaling, and listen up. Kate talks to Rachel Gelman, a pelvic physical therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. We get some practical advice and dig into why pelvic pain doesn't get attention in proportion to how many women it impacts.

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Pelvic Pain, Hormones, Birth Control, & The Squatty Potty®

by Genneve

Pelvic pain during sex, pain from the pelvic region generally, incontinence, prolapse – these do NOT have to be your “new normal.” There are treatments out there to help you manage, even solve, many of the issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Pelvic Messenger: Phys.Therapist- Stephanie Prendergast

by The Pelvic Messenger

The 2nd Show in the Physical Therapy Series for "The Pelvic Messenger" I am pleased to have Stephanie Predergast with us to talk about Pudendial Neuralgia and entrapment of the Pundendial nerve: aka PN/PNE. This is a condition that is often overlooked and can create a long list of painful issues within the pelvic region. Stephanie is a leading PT in the treatment of this condition. She teaches Internationally and has her own PT center in San Fransico.

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The Pelvic Messenger: Dr. Micheal Hibner MD

by The Pelvic Messenger

Join us for a second time with Internationally known Stephanie Prendergast MPT and OBGYN Dr. Micheal Hibner of Phoenix Arizona. Dr. Hibner is one of only 5 surgeons performing a highly specialized surgery for pudendial nerve entrapment. We will be discussing this, as well as other topics.

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Interdisciplinary Management of Pudendal Neuralgia

by The Pelvic Messenger

Please join Dr. Mark Conway, MD, FACOG, Dr. Sheldon Jordan, MD, FAAN and Stephanie Prendergast, MPT discuss information that they recently shared at the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) 2015 Annual Conference in San Diego.

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Radiant Life Design Interview

by Lorraine Faehndrich

During this live interview and Q&A with Stephanie, she gives us an overview of how pelvic floor physical therapy can help relieve pelvic pain as well as how to find the right physical therapist and what to expect during your sessions.

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Savage Lovecast: Episode 547 Season 23

by Savage Lovecast

On the Magnum, it's our first do-over! Dan realized he cocked up the answer to the woman who would lose bladder control when she gave blow jobs. This time, Dan brings in Dr. Rachel Gelman- an actual pelvic health specialist who knows what the hell she's talking about.

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