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Clitoral Woes? Say It Ain’t So

In Female Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast8 Comments

  By Sara K. Sauder  In preparing the curriculum for my class on vestibulodynia (yes I will start talking about this class over and over because I am discovering so much and learning a lot while in the process of creating and teaching the curriculum and this is a blog that I write using real life experiences so why wouldn’t I …

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Come Again? An Orgasm Guide

In Female Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast6 Comments

  I remember coming of age as a hormonal teen- before the days of google (believe it), hearing whispers about “orgasms”. It was like I went home for summer break with all of my childhood intact and when I came back to school in the fall, my peers were suddenly obsessed. I was bombarded with comments (from both sexes) of …

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Pelvic Pain in the News

In Female Pelvic Pain, Male Pelvic Pain by Stephanie and Liz Prendergast and Rummer1 Comment

Every couple of months, we plan to bring you a roundup of the coverage of pelvic pain in the news. Today’s post, our first roundup, contains a slew of interesting topics from the need for a greater understanding of the clitoris/brain connection to surprising news about male pelvic pain and IC to research-backed advice on pelvic floor-friendly bike riding.   …