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Pain Interventions for Labor and Birth With a Partner

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By Molly Bachmann PT, DPT, Birth Doula When it comes to pain management during labor, most of us think of medical interventions such as an epidural or pain medication. Did you know that there are things that your doula, support person, midwife, partner or even OB can do to decrease pain? When I’m working with patients to help them prepare …

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Pregnancy Hormones 101

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Pregnancy is wild. Someone is walking around growing a human being. It blows my mind every time I see a pregnant person and here at The Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center, we get to see a lot of pregnant people!  Now a lot of things happen during pregnancy, and hormones are a big key player in the process. You may …

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Understanding Breech Babies

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  This week, our guest writer and award winning prenatal chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin, takes us through a hot button topic: breeched babies. By Elliot Berlin | DC   Early in pregnancy, your baby has plenty of room to move, as you’re probably well aware. My patients often share that it’s not unusual for them to feel a sharp elbow jabbing …

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Marcy on Sex and Leaking after Babies; Her Frenemy: The Kegel!; and What Actually Happens during a Pelvic Floor PT Session {VIDEO}

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Sex and leaking after childbirth. Her love/hate relationship with Kegels. The down low on how pelvic floor PT works. Urinary leakage. No topic is off limits when Marcy sits down with Steph and Lauren, the hosts of The Lady Brain Show! “We have loads of questions,” kicks off Steph. “I can’t sneeze without crossing my legs and kind of leaning …