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Hunting for hernias…are they a common cause of pelvic pain in men?

In Male Pelvic Pain by Elizabeth Akincilar2 Comments

By: Elizabeth Akincilar, PHRC Cofounder Explaining to someone who has never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy what type of physical therapy I practice is always an interesting conversation. People usually assume certain things about my practice. Most assume I primarily treat older women with “bladder issues” and new moms. People are always surprised to find out that almost 50% …

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“How Hernias Can Cause Pelvic Pain”

In Female Pelvic Pain, Male Pelvic Pain, Post-Surgical Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation by Stephanie Prendergast64 Comments

  This week, our guest writer Dr. Shirin Towfigh will discuss Inguinal Hernia’s and how they may be related to pelvic pain.  Hi all. This is Dr. Shirin Towfigh. I am a Board Certified General Surgeon who specializes exclusively in all things hernia, with specialty in hernias among women and complications related to hernia repair. Inguinal hernias are a common …