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A Guide to Menstrual Products

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By PHRC Admin Menstruation is a natural part of life for most. However, navigating the world of menstrual products can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available today. This guide aims to break down the different types of menstrual products on the market, their benefits, and why you might choose one over another.   Traditional Disposable Products …

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Why Your Period Makes You Poop!

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  Ladies, have you ever felt bloated or backed up the week before your menstrual cycle? What about noticing diarrhea at the start of your menstrual cycle? I know I have. If you’ve been or are pregnant, have you noticed major changes in your digestive system and bathroom behaviors? Below I explore the connection between hormones and changes in your bowel …

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Tampon Talk

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A tampon is “a mass of absorbent material, primarily used as a feminine hygiene product.” The word tampon originated from the medieval French word “tampion,” which literally means a piece of cloth to stop a hole, stamp, plug, or stopper. Let’s break this down. The average woman menstruating for five days a month and approximately 40 years will use about …