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Are Oral Birth Control Pills a Cause Of Or Solution For Pelvic Pain?

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By Stephanie Prendergast, MPT, Cofounder, PHRC West Los Angeles A frequent question from social media:    “I have Vestibulodynia and painful bladder syndrome. I am almost symptom free except for near or during my period. My hormone levels are fine. My urologist prescribed testosterone cream because he found atrophy. At the same time I have another doctor telling me that …

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How Diane beat Vulvodynia

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By Diane   I suffered with pelvic pain for years. I want to share my story, so others won’t have to suffer needlessly.   It started in February 2009 when I tried having sex with my boyfriend. Intercourse was extremely painful, and each time, my perineum tore a bit. I’d be sore for days afterward. Eventually I’d heal, but it …

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Time to Man Up: The Future of Male Birth Control

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  By Elizabeth Akincilar-Rummer   MEN!!! Are you ready?? Birth Control for men is here….almost.   Contraception. For some of us, that word has been a saving grace in preventing unwanted pregnancies and diseases. For others, it is fraught with moral and ethical dilemmas. But, those who are the most concerned with and often the most involved with contraception, are …