Roundup: What Top Pelvic Health Bloggers are Talking About

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A challenge to Depend Incontinence Products; the truth about the effectiveness of AZO Yeast as a therapy for yeast infections; orgasm facts; and spring fashion choices for IC patients: these are among the blog posts that some of our favorite pelvic health bloggers have posted in the past few months.

In this blog we offer a roundup of these and other amazing posts for your reading pleasure.

Dear Depend and Poise: A Challenge

imagesIn her typical thoughtful and no-holds-barred fashion, one of our favorite PT colleagues, Julie Wiebe, throws down a challenge to the companies that make incontinence products.

Writes Julie in her thoughtful letter to the company:

“I recognize that some of the folks you serve are beyond conservative or even surgical intervention due to disabilities, limited mobility, neurological disease or injury, dementia, etc. But there are many that choose absorption products because they do not understand that they have options, treatments exist, and they don’t have to “embrace” incontinence. They could actually be free of it.

If you are truly in the business of empowering women and giving them confidence, in addition to absorptive undergarments and pads, consider offering a product that would actually address the incontinence not just hide it, manage it, or embrace it. You could launch a very different ad campaign that went more like this: ‘We’ve got you covered until you learn to control the leaks’. Your new tagline could be ‘Depend: Supporting incontinence recovery’. This is a different message indeed: confidence that recovery is possible.”

Kudos Julie!

To read the post in its entirety, click here.

And here to check out the company’s reply as well as Julie’s further exchange with the company representative.

Diastasis: Zip it Up

In another well-done post, Julie gives readers ideas for a whole body solution to the common postpartum problem of a diastasis recti.

Read the post here.

Orgasms: Only for the Lucky Few?

fireworksIn her latest post, one of our favorite sex therapists, Talli Rosenbaum, gives the down low on two important questions about the female orgasm:

Shouldn’t all women be able to reach orgasm? and

Why do some women reach orgasm through intercourse, and others don’t?

In her post, Talli decodes the somewhat confusing research undertaken in the past to get to the bottom of these questions.

Read the post in its entirety here.

Levator Avulsion: Simply Explained

In this post, one of our favorite pelvic floor gurus from down under, Sue Croft, tackles the concept of “levator avulsion.” Great job explaining a pretty tough topic Sue!

Read the post in its entirety here.

Why Water Birth is not ‘Natural’

In this post, Dr. Jen Gunter explains the hard truths about water birth, a birthing technique that is mistakenly considered by many to be a more natural way to give birth.

In her post, Dr. Gunter points out:

“An immersion birth is not some long-practiced delivery technique based on physiology that modern obstetrics has hidden from women since the advent of maternity institutions, but rather an inadequately studied intervention introduced around 1991. Delivering in water may very well offer benefits and it may not. We know it has risks, some catastrophic, but how common they are is also unknown.”

Read the entire post here.

Does AZO Yeast Work?

product_large_yeastThis is the question that Dr. Gunter asks and answers in this blog post about the popular product that claims to prevent and sooth yeast infections. The answer will surprise you.

Read the entire post here.








Spring Fashions for IC Patients: Look Good and Feel Comfy

In this fabulous post, one of our favorite patient bloggers, tackles an issue that IC patients and all pelvic pain patients really, can relate to.

In this insightful post, she writes:

“IC has taken enough away from you, don’t let the illness have your wardrobe too. No matter what size and shape you are there are things out there for you that you can wear that won’t make your pain worse. Let’s explore some of these fashion trends.”

Read the post in its entirety here.

oknot-300x225‘Good’ does not Equal Cured or Pain-Free

In another super-insightful blog, “Pretty with Pelvic Pain” blogger talks about the struggle chronic pain suffers face communicating to others about their pain.

She writes:

“Most people with any type of chronic pain illness with no cure, no matter if it be IC or something else, suffer from a similar social issue. No matter how many times we explain to people that our illness has no cure, only good days and bad days, some people never seem to GET IT. They swear up and down that they do understand and then time and time again prove that they don’t.”

Read the post in its entirety here.

Imagine your Pelvic Floor like a Twisted Door

In this post on the new IPPS blog, PT Diane Lee, gives clinicians a framework to help clinicians organize knowledge and develop clinical reasoning to facilitate wise decisions for treatment.

Read the post in its entirety here.

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