PHRC’s Boston Office is Opening March 16th!

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We’re thrilled to announce that PHRC is opening its Boston-area clinic next month with patient care starting March 16th!

Liz, who will be re-relocating to the East Coast, will be spearheading the running of the clinic, the exact location of which is 303 Wyman St., Ste. 369, Waltham, Massachusetts.

The clinic is in the greater Boston area, west and slightly north. It’s easily accessible to the city of Boston (20 minutes west), central Mass. and southern New Hampshire. In addition, the office is about 20 minutes from Logan International Airport, which will be convenient for our out-of-town patients.

For a number of reasons, we’re excited to extend our practice to the East Coast. For the past eight years, we’ve been focused on growing our practice in California, but opening a Boston location has always been part of our 10-year-plan. It’s our desire to be a “go to” clinic practice for pelvic floor PT, which means it was time to provide our services to a larger area.

In addition, our new location will be more easily accessible to our out-of-town patients who travel from Europe to see us.

Adds Liz: “It’s just exciting to grow as a company, feel confident in ourselves and our staff that we can succeed in doing this. Plus it’s a huge challenge as a provider, but mostly as a business person and I love a challenge.”

In addition to the professional benefits and challenges of moving to the East Coast, Liz says she’s looking forward to “a new adventure, being closer to some of my family and childhood friends, having four seasons, living in more than a 1,000-sq. ft. apartment, having a big closet, and enjoying a lower cost of living.”

“But I admit I’m not excited about WINTER, having to drive/own a car, not having my ‘corner store’ steps from my apartment, the delicious food in San Francisco, and most of all, not living close to my sister.”

What makes PHRC Unique?

We are excited to bring our unique treatment approach to the greater Boston area. One of the things that make our clinic unique is that as physical therapists we focus solely on the pelvic floor and pelvic girdle muscles. The benefit of our focus is that it has allowed us to establish a deep well of experience that we are able to draw from when treating this complex part of the anatomy.

In addition, we embrace a multidisciplinary treatment approach to patient care. Gynecologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, pain management specialists, psychologists, acupuncturists, among others, are all specialists that have a role to play in treating the pelvic floor. So when developing a treatment plan for a patient, our therapists draw from all appropriate medical disciplines.

Through the years we have worked hard at PHRC to foster relationships with providers throughout the country who treat pelvic floor dysfunction. As a result, when developing a treatment plan for our patients, we are able to include these providers.

Once a patient’s treatment team is in place, we embrace the role of “CEO” of the team. In this role, we communicate and coordinate with the other members of the team. The reason we take on this role is that we believe that in order for a multidisciplinary treatment plan to be successful, there must be one provider at the helm of the ship. And since we are the provider who will spend the most time with the patient, it makes sense for us to tackle the job.

If you’re a patient interested in making an appointment at our new Boston office, please call (415) 440-7600.

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All our best,

The PHRC Team


  1. So when people travel to see u how many days generally do they have to stay for u to come up w a diagnosis & treatment plan? For ex I’m from ND & have been suffering from debilitating pelvic/rectal pains & of course I have, like many failed most treatments. I don’t have lots of resources due to living in smaller town so I’m curious as to how u set up a multidisciplinary approach w physicians in a town that u have no idea what is available?
    Thx Keri

    1. Author

      Hello Keri,

      Please contact our office for more information at (415) 440-7600. Our out of town patient program is much more detailed, and it is best to discuss this individually.



  2. hi my name is cheryl and i am from massachusetts, currently living in colorado. my 16 year old son has been suffering from pelvic girdle instability for over two years. we are coming to the boston area in august and i would like him to be evaluated by your doctors. please let me know how to proceed.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Please call our Lexington office at 781-826-5222.


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