How do I Find a Pelvic Floor PT?

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pt search One of the biggest challenges for pelvic pain patients is finding the right physical therapist.

A variety of issues are behind this difficulty. First, the supply of PTs qualified to treat pelvic pain does not meet the patient demand. A major reason for this is that pelvic floor PT is not part of the current PT school curriculum. So, PTs who want to become educated in pelvic floor PT have to fund their own post graduate training. And while post graduate educational opportunities in pelvic floor PT do exist, they’re limited.

Second, many PTs today who do treat the pelvic floor only treat incontinence, which as we’ve already discussed in previous blog posts, is a very different animal than pelvic pain. And lastly, the pipeline between doctors who treat pelvic pain and pelvic floor PTs is still very much a work in progress. So it’s not a given that a patient’s physician is going to be able to recommend a PT.

What makes this state of affairs so frustrating is that hands-on PT is a proven treatment approach for pelvic pain. I for one have seen first-hand how successful it can be–even in situations that previously seemed hopeless to the patient.

So considering these challenges, how does one find a knowledgeable and experienced pelvic floor PT?

Fortunately, there are extremely knowledgeable and experienced pelvic floor PTs out there, and in this blog I’m going to give you some advice on how to connect with them.

American Physical Therapy Association

The APTA is a professional association for physical therapists in the United States. On its website, the organization offers a searchable database of “women’s health” PTs. I qualify the phrase “women’s health” because as we’ve already discussed in previous posts, pelvic pain does not discriminate between the sexes. Thankfully, some of the PTs listed in APTAs “women’s health” locator treat both women and men with pelvic pain, so despite it’s name, this database can be used by both men and women to find a PT.

That said, this database is not the last word on pelvic floor PT. Unfortunately, a number of the PTs listed there only treat incontinence, so when you contact the PTs from the database, be sure and ask them if they also treat pelvic pain. For some PTs, “women’s health” PT still means simply the treatment of incontinence.

In addition, and this goes for all of the PT leads you get from the resources listed in this post, ask the PTs how they treat pelvic pain. What you’re looking for is a PT that treats the pelvic floor using both internal—via the vagina and/or the rectum—manual therapy and external myofascial techniques including myofascial trigger point therapy and connective tissue manipulation. It might be beneficial to read our previous post “What is a ‘Good’ Pelvic Floor PT Session Like?” prior to interviewing potential pelvic floor PTs. You can find the APTA’s women’s health locator here.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Classes

One great way to find a pelvic floor PT is to get in touch with the folks who are teaching post-graduate courses in pelvic floor PT.

Stephanie and I teach such a course. Each year we travel to an average of four different cities to teach a course in the treatment of pelvic pain. So feel free to contact us, and if we know of a PT in your area that we are comfortable recommending, we will be more than happy to do so.

The Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute is also an organization that teaches a variety of post-graduate pelvic floor PT courses. So a patient could contact the faculty members of Herman & Wallace, and ask for a PT recommendation.

Click here to go the the Herman & Wallace website.

The International Pelvic Pain Society

The International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) is a non-profit organization whose membership includes gynecologists, urologists, physical therapists, psychologists and other health professionals. Since 1995, the IPPS has sponsored a variety of research and educational programs aimed at providing optimal diagnosis and treatment to pelvic pain sufferers.

The IPPS has a “find a provider” option on its website here.

Happy Pelvis or other Pelvic Pain Social Media

Happy Pelvis is a Yahoo message group that was started by a past patient of ours at PHRC. Specifically, the group was started to support pelvic pain sufferers who are seeking PT. Today, Happy Pelvis has hundreds of active members who are always willing to recommend PTs. In addition, there is a searchable list of pelvic pain PTs in the group’s archives.

You can find Happy Pelvis here.

Pelvic Floor Health Providers

There are many wonderful doctors, PTs, and other health providers who are leading the charge in the arena of pelvic pain diagnosis and treatment research. I have known of pelvic pain patients who have contacted them after reading their research and been successfully referred to pelvic floor PTs by them.

The above are all great resources that you can use to find a pelvic pain PT in your area. However, as I mentioned earlier, there is a supply and demand issue when it comes to pelvic pain PT. And unfortunately, there are regions of the country where there are no practicing pelvic floor PTs.

What do you do if you are in need of a PT and you live in one of these areas?

If you are in this situation, my best advice to you is to make plans to travel for pelvic floor PT. In the current pelvic pain PT environment, this is an option that many pelvic pain patients are forced to explore. Indeed, 10 percent of our patients are out-of-town patients. Thankfully, there are a handful of major “pelvic pain hubs” spread throughout the country.

Some of the major hubs are in: San Francisco (PHRC), Chicago, New York City, Michigan, Orlando, Durham, North Carolina (Duke University), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rochester, New York, and Minnesota (the Mayo Clinic).

However, what do you do if you have to travel out of town for treatment, but need it on a long-term basis?

Well, some of our out-of-town patients are able to arrange for either their  local PTs to travel with them so that Stephanie or I can show the local PTs how to best treat them or they bring along their significant others to learn how to administer certain treatment techniques on them. Plus, anytime you travel for PT, you should ask the out-of-town PT if he or she knows of a PT close to you that might be able to carry out their treatment methods, just in case there is someone nearby you missed in your own search.

Also, not all PTs are created equal, so some pelvic pain patients chose to travel to one of the above-mentioned hubs to get the best treatment possible. From there, they often put their out-of-town PT and local PT in touch to pull off a team treatment approach.

I understand that traveling for pelvic pain PT is certainly not the ideal; however, until the supply and demand situation is remedied, it’s an option many folks turn to. The good news is that compared to even five years ago, the number of PTs treating pelvic pain has greatly increased, and continues to do so.

I hope I’ve been able to give you some helpful guidance for finding a pelvic floor PT in your area. Please leave any questions or comments you might have in the comment section below.

Plus, if you know of a pelvic floor PT that you would like to spread the word about, please feel free to leave his or her information in the comment section. And let us know why you would recommend them.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best to you,


  1. I would like to recommend my pelvic floor physical therapist, Kelly Behney, PT at the Methodist Pelvic Pain Clinic in Omaha, NE.
    I am only beginning therapy, but I have had improvement in my pain already. She does an excellent job of explaining why I am in pain and how what she is doing and what I am doing at home will help improve my pain. In addition to pelvic pain, I also have back pain and headaches and she is the first physical therapist I have ever had who has treated my entire body and is working to relieve all of my tension. Because of her my headaches have improved as well, and I have never had that result before from physical therapy.
    I would also recommend the entire staff at the Methodist Pelvic Pain Clinic. I know it is not a major treatment hub, but it is the only pelvic pain clinic in the area.

    1. Would someone have a recommendation for a pelvic pain physical therapist in Buffalo, NY area?

    2. I am a male with a severe pelvic floor injury and chronic pelvic pain issues. I am looking for a PT that will males with several issues, chronic pain syndrome, fecsl incntinence, urinary retention, I have pelvic floor, pudendel nerve blocks, inguinal and suspensitory ligament injections every six weeks. I cath regularly depending where on when Imhas my last set of injections, i have had pelvic floor PT in the past but it’s 45 minutes to an hour one way. I just had rotator cuff surgery so I would also like a place that can treat that too.

  2. I would like to recommend Julie Guthrie at Synergie PT in Los Angeles(310) 686-3926/

    She is extremely knowledgeable about the pelvic floor, has taken Liz and Steph’s class, and is willing to go the extra mile to do what it takes to get you better!

    1. Hello,
      This is Minal and I have a lot of vaginal is unbearable
      And I start crying because I do not know what to do.
      I live in Los Angeles and I have been to several doctors.
      They have done all the tests
      And results were normal.

      If you can please help.

      Thanking you

      1. Hi Minal,

        Please call our Los Angeles office at 424-293-2305.



      2. The link to pelvic floor therapists is broken.
        Can you recommend one for Gainesville, FL?

  3. I have pelvic congestion syndrome, and have had 7 surgeries to alleviate the pain (I was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes, and I have children to care for!) I was wondering if Pelvic Physical therapy might work for me. My Vascular Surgeon has moved out of state….the new Dr. told me she cannot do any surgery on the small branches of veins in my pelvis that are troublesome…I still have pain in my left buttock, and my vaginal area, through to my rectum , I have pressure and pain, STILL…any suggestions would be great! I live near Rochester, NY

    1. Dear Judith,

      Have you ever tried pelvic physical therapy? If you haven’t I would absolutely give it a try. I’ve treated a lot of women with the diagnosis of pelvic congestion syndrome that still had pelvic pain and was able to alleviate a majority of the pain with physical therapy. Sometimes pain that is believed to be coming from the congestion may actually be undiagnosed muscle and tissue dysfunction in and around the pelvis. Here’s a couple recommendations for pelvic physical therapy in your area:

      All my best,

      1. Hi Liz
        You can’t imagine the relief your post has given me. I have been searching for weeks for some information on pelvic congestion and physical therapy. I have been told because the viens are too small to embolise then there is no treatment and to have cbt to learn to live with the pain. I have a history of sacroilliac joint dysfunction during and after pregnancy and am convinced that it is related. I am in the UK and so far professions have not a clue about treating this syndrome with what we call physiotherapy. I feel the pain and heaviness only on my left which is my weaker side, however the scan shows equal congestion on both sides. I have also read that lots of women have congestion but not all have symptoms. About a week ago I went swimming which seemed to move the pain and congestion from the front to the back (!)but perhaps I am just feeling the congestion at the back instead now. If I found a willing womans health physiotherapist near me in the UK would you be willing to share your expertise?

        1. Dear Fleur,

          I’m so happy to have helped. Actually, there is a qualified pelvic floor PT in the UK that we have referred many patients to over the years. Her name is Maria Eliot, and she practices in London. Below is her contact info:

          All my best,

      2. hi I am Naftali talmone – i am the man -I need to find the best doctor who treats the chronic pelvic syndrome in Philadelphia PA or State of Pennsylvania.I am already suffering 4 years .Was seen in 25 doctors.Nobody helps. 13 hospitals do not know how to help.I can not live with the pain any more.Please help me.
        thank you

  4. Any recommendations for a physical therapist/doctor for pelvic pain, possibly pudendal nerve entrapment in Minnesota? I am in the Twin Cities area but will travel. Thank you.

    1. Hi Beth,

      The PT that we refer to in MN is Stidham Beth PT St. Paul MN (651) 999-2734.

      All my best,

  5. Do you have any recommendations for a pelvic pain PT in the Boston, MA area? I recently moved from California and have been struggling to find a good local provider. Thanks!

  6. Hi, fascinating information! I suffer chronic constipation and m at my wit’s end. Can you share a referral in Brooklyn, NY? Or Manhattan? Many thanks!

    1. Dear Erin,

      Below is the name of the PT we refer to in NYC:

      Futterman Stacey PT New York NY (212) 226-2066


  7. Could you recommend a pt in SE idaho and or north Utah for pelvic floor scarring. Thank you

    1. Dear Margo,

      The PT we refer to in UT is below. I’m sorry but we don’t know of a PT in Idaho. Best, Liz

      Monson Bonnijane DPT Salt Lake City UT (801) 587-7005

  8. I had surgery for bartholiens cancer and now have scar tissue that is painful ( a ring of scar it’s jus inside my vagina, I live near Albany, ny. Do you have any recommendations for this area.

    Thank you so much

    1. Dear Susan,

      I’m sorry, but we don’t know of a PT in Albany specifically; however, below is a list of all the PTs in New York who have taken our class. All my best, Stephanie

      Cioci Jeanne Liverpool NY (607) 760-1823
      Trumble Christine Ithaca NY (607) 257-5009
      Leary Lisa PT Dickinson Center NY (518) 481-2440
      Bosworth Laurie PT Manhasset NY (516) 304-5373
      Cook Cynthia NP Latham NY (518) 220-9413
      Fox Kellie PT Glenmont NY (518) 220-9413
      Hecht O’Shea Evelyn PT New York NY (2120 288-2242
      Johnson Lisa PT Hauppauge NY (631) 232-5350
      Kilmartin Laurelle PT New York NY (212) 598-4653
      Miller Dustienne PT Woodside NY (212) 354-2622
      Ommundsen Melissa PT Hauppauge NY (631) 232-5350
      Simons Elizabeth PT Manhasset NY (516) 304-5373
      Avena Stella PT New York NY 6462897741
      Jagroo Denise DPT Staten Island NY (212) 686-7500 x7734
      Quijano Charmaine PT Westbury NY 5163045373
      Abbate Lila DPT Manhasset NY 5163045373
      Kafka Diana DPT New York NY 2123542622
      Lutz Stephanie DPT New York NY 2123542622
      Riccio Sharon PT Cicero NY 3156991009
      Panzarella Laura PT Cicero NY 3156991009
      Van Alstyne Linda OT Schenectady NY 5183819166
      Vlahos Christine PT Tappan NY 9145231459
      Futterman Stacey PT New York NY (212) 226-2066
      Stein Amy PT New York NY (212) 354-2622
      Vasi Nazneen PT New York NY (212) 385-9200
      Amsz Ariane PT New York NY (212) 385-9200
      Jhaveri Gopi DPT Brooklyn NY 7183698000
      Leonard Cathy PT Stoneridge NY 8458713427
      Califano Marianne DPT Stewart Manor NY 2123623022
      Featherstone Wendy PT Rochester NY 5854731290
      Padial Alyssa PT New York NY 2127461535
      White Geraldine PT Dobbs Ferry NY 9739714534
      Augustine Catherine PT Massapequa NY 6312072370
      Starostiak Luba PT New City NY 9142825532
      Leavitt Jacqueline PT New York NY 9173094090
      Cruz Roseanne PT New York NY 2123542622
      Kaufman David MD New York NY 2129699564
      Hughes Mary Brooklyn NY (212) 354-2622
      Cappadocia Carin Latham NY (518) 220-9413

      1. Of all those people that you “listed”, can you recommend any one of them (other than they took your class)? That was the original question

        1. Hi Nina,

          The therapists that are listed have not only taken our course, but also had excellent manual therapy skills. Unless the therapist is a part of PHRC, we cannot recommend a therapist based on anything else. We do not have affiliations with specific therapists, nor do we work closely with other physical therapy offices. I hope this answers your question.



      2. Nina,
        I have the same issue I go to Katie Marsh as a pelvic floor therapist she is with Albany Med now but as of 3/27 she will be with Albany Memorial. the number is 518-429-2566. She has worked wonders for me.
        Good luck

    1. Hi Loretta,

      The PT that we refer to in Philadelphia is below. All my best, Liz

      Rejba Amy MSN, CRNP Philadelphia PA 2158638100 Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute

      1. Thanks fo your response Stephanie. Would you happen to know of any in the Mississippi or Alabama area?

    1. Clarice they have an awesome pelvic floor PT at Tulane/Lakeside in Metairie her name is Lindsay the phone number is 504-780-4339 she is amazing.

  9. I had a c-section 14 months ago and developed pelvic pain 6 months after the surgery. The pain starts below my ribs and radiates down my thighs. Got a colonoscopy done whuch showed scar adhesions and a twisted colon. Will a PT help? I live in Portland, Oregon. Thanks a lot for your work.

    1. Dear Chaya,

      A PT may help you; we treat many women postpartum who have had a C-section. Below is info for a PT that we refer to in your area. Best, Liz

      Koehler Patricia PT Portland OR (503) 227-7774 West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic

  10. Can you recommend someone in the Northern VA, DC or Maryland area? I suffer from severe pelvic pain after my period ends and ends when I ovulate. I’ve had 2 csections, one 12 yrs ago and the last one 4 years ago and in November I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. Thanks

    1. Hello Sara,

      Unfortunately we cannot recommend a therapist in Northern Virginia, but we can recommend therapists in Maryland. Where are you located?



      1. Dear Melinda,

        Would you mind recommending a PT in MD?

        PS I am located in Northern VA but would appreciate any knowledge of one closest to me. I don’t have any pelvic pain but have had two children vaginally and would like to insure good pelvic health for the future.

        Thank you so much!

        1. Hello Nicole,

          Below are the therapists we recommend in Virginia:

          Pierce Kristen Warrenton VA (540) 316-2680
          Rich Jennifer Roanoke VA (540) 982-2273
          Gryski Joanne PT Herndon VA (703) 222-5973
          Miller Amanda DPT Richmond VA (804) 270-7754
          Pagliano Carrie PT Arlington VA 2024444180
          Brown Carolyn PT Virginia Beach VA 7573742373
          Simmons Camille PT Alexandria VA (703) 849-8142
          Oxford Kathy DPT Richmond VA (804)330-9105
          Morris Lydia PT Richmond VA (804)285-0148
          Pesavento Kathy PT Vienna VA (703)963-3466
          Silvers Janet PT Burke VA (703)531-2410
          Kalina Clare PT Fairfax VA (703)591-9088



  11. Hi, can you suggest anyone in the Shreveport, LA or Dallas, TX areas? I am 36 years old and have been in pain since I was 20. I am told I have red, black & white endometriosis, scar tissue, and pelvic adhesive disease. Over the past 16 years, I have had an ovary removed, 4 laparoscopies, 2 c-sections, and a full hysterectomy. I can’t imagine going through yet another surgery, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation for Shreveport, LA, but I can recommend a couple therapists in Dallas, TX.

      Valerie Bobb, PT
      Baylor Landry
      (214) 820-1860

      Sara Reardon, PT
      Dallas TX
      UTSW Medical Center

      All my best,


    2. Have you found any relief for your Pelvic Floor Pain? I live in Bossier City, LA and can’t find anyone to help me. I have been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor and Sacroiliac Dysfunction, but symptoms have gotten worse over the years. Looks like I may have Pudenal (so?) Nerve damage. Did you use in of the therapists in Dallas?

  12. Have been suffering, basically just existing, secluded and in pain, with both colonic inertia and pelvic floor dysfunction for 8 years now. I live near Philadelphia and have seen just about every motility doctor at every hospital here. Took one “course” in sphincter retraining at U of P and it was almost a joke. Do you know of anyone in my area??


    1. I’m sorry about all that you’re going through.

      Are you looking for a PT?

  13. Yes I am. I live in the Philadelphia area, Flourtown to be exact. Anyone you possibly know of that’s near me?

  14. Looking for a pt who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction in Southeastern Michigan. Thank you!

  15. Do you have any recommendations for a pelvic pain PT in Austin,TX or Anchorage, Alaska?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      We have several therapist recommendations for Austin, TX but none for Anchorage, AK.



      Sara Sauder, PT
      Austin TX
      (512) 335-9300
      Sullivan Physical Therapy

      Cody McNeely, PT
      Sullivan Physical Therapy
      (512) 335-9300

      Angela Dobinsky, PT
      Sullivan Physical Therapy
      (512) 335-9300

  16. Hi, I have been suffering with myofacial pelvic pain , chronic constipation and just currently started having trouble with urination. I would like to find a PT in Los Angeles USA or Madrid , Spain. Any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate , I cannot bear the pain and i feel its the domino effect , syptoms keep coming one after the other.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Germein,

      I’m sorry about all that you are going through. We just opened an office in Los Angeles this month. Please call 415) 440-7600 to schedule and appointment. Also for more information on our clinic, you can check out our website here:

      All my best,

  17. Still looking for a pelvic floor person in the Philadelphia area. Anyone?? Have been suffering from it for 8 years along with colonic inertia.


    1. Hi Dale,

      Below are to PTs that have taken our course and are located in the Philadelphia area. Best, Liz

      Sheth Hina PT Philadelphia PA 267-282-1301 Rebalance Physical Therapy

      Rejba Amy MSN, CRNP Philadelphia PA 2158638100 Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute

  18. I suffer from Vestibilitis and Constipation/hemohoridds. I was seeing a urologist in Nashville, TN that diagnosed my condition but have not moved back home to Lafayette, LA. I just ordered the book, Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein. Would a PT help with my condition? I am in pain 95% of the time. I did see where you posted a PT in my area which is great to hear.

    1. Dear Marietta,

      I’m sorry that you are having to deal with pelvic pain. Yes a PT may be able to help with your symptoms.


  19. I am PTA , I am certified in pelvic Rehab. A gynecologist MD asked to work with him. Can MD bill for pelvic Tx?

    1. I am sorry, I will be more specific. I am Physical Therapy Assistance. I am Certified in Pelvic Rehabilitation. My gynecologist doctor wants to treat patients with pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain , etc. So, she asked me if I would like to work with her. She is certified in pelvic Rehabilitation, so she can perform the Evaluation and I can do the Treatment. My question is: Can Gynecologist Doctor billed to the health insurances for Pelvic Rehabilitation Treatment?

  20. I am Physical Therapy Assistance. I am Certified in Pelvic Rehabilitation. My gynecologist doctor wants to treat patients with pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain , etc. So, she asked me if I would like to work with her. She is certified in pelvic Rehabilitation, so she can perform the Evaluation and I can do the Treatment. My question is: Can Gynecologist Doctor billed to the health insurances for Pelvic Rehabilitation Treatment?

    1. Dear Sol,

      I’m sorry I do not know the answer to your question. Best, Stephanie

  21. Could anyone recommend a pt near the Buffalo area. I have a severe pelvic floor dysfunction along with vaginismis.

      1. Please pass this message to Tara June 29 2014. Looking for care in Buffalo NY area. A Nancy OGorek of Catholic Healthcare in West Seneca should be able to help her health issues. She treats Male or Female pelvic floor disorders.

  22. Me and a buddy hopped out of a car, walked back and forth over and over trying to find the place and then found an empty building with outlines where the letters for Urological Museum were. Looks like it’s closed.

    1. Hello Kathy,

      We recommend two therapists that are about an hour and a half away from Harrisburg, PA. Their information is below.



      Lauren Garges, PT
      Lehigh Valley Hospital – Muhlenberg
      (484) 854-2251

      Karen Snowden, PT
      Lehigh Valley Health Network
      (610) 402-9712

  23. Hi,
    I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, borderline rectal sensation and anismus. I need help. Looking for an excellent pelvic floor therapist near Madison, CT. I’m seeing one now but she just does the external stuff and I feel worse than ever!

    1. Hello Stacy,

      We do not have a referral for Madison,CT or surrounding areas. It may help communicating with your current therapist about what can be done to improve your therapy sessions. You can also feel free to direct her to our blog for more information.

      All my best,


  24. For the last 3 months I have had a terrible time sitting with buring and pain in my buttocks and I am miserable. I also have low back pain l4-5 and s1 moderate degeneration and I am 58 years old. I take topical estrogen, which was keeping my back pain under control, but this sitting issue is horrible. I live 30 mins south of Charlotte and tried the referral of Krystina Todd at CMC, but was not thrilled—maybe I did not give her enough time?
    I am now going to a pelvic floor PT by the name of Barbara Green in Charlotte and was wondering if anyone has hear or gone to her–she is out of network and expensive. Any other referrals on pelvic PT’s in Charlotte or any other MD’s would be a Godsend!!

    1. Hello SC,

      Below are the therapists we recommend near Charlotte, and in MD.



      Emily Wegmann, PT and Jennifer Briggs, PT
      Carolina Pelvic Health Center
      Raleigh NC
      (919) 571-9912

      Wilda Young, PT
      Greensboro, NC
      (336) 275-6380

      Stacey Devine, PT
      Devine Intervention Physical Therapy
      Eldersburg, MD
      (410) 404-4772

      Melissa Reinhardt, PT and Jennifer Ortiz, PT
      Her Health Physical Therapy
      Columbia, MD

      Miriam Graham,PT
      Restore Motion
      Rockville, MD

      Marci Marshall, PT
      Women’s Wellness Works
      Frederick, MD

  25. Hi, Im not hat familiar with Conn so I don’t know if you’r closer to NYC or Boston.

    I live near NYC and can recommend Beyond Basics.
    AlsoI noticed someone in an above post has a name for a PT in Boston
    Good luck!

  26. I have pudendal neuralgia due to prolonged/difficult child birth 2 1/2 years ago. I don’t know where to go or what to do for my pain. Is there anyone in the state of SC or surrounding areas you can recommend? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hello Lori,

      I understand that your situation may be a bit overwhelming for you. The first step I’d recommend is to consult with a pelvic floor specialist, and receive an evaluation. This will help to determine the root of your symptoms, and will also help to establish a plan of care. Below are therapist recommendations for your area.



      Jessica Powley, PT and Jenna Sires, PT
      Proaxis Therapy
      Greenville, SC
      (864) 454-0952

  27. Trying to help my husband find a pelvic floor therapist in Atlanta. Can you help?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Heather,

      Here are our therapist recommendations near Atlanta:

      Jenny Hunt, PT
      Provenance Rehabilitation of the Greater Atlanta Area
      Alphretta GA

      Lone Howell, PT
      Physiotherapy Associates Lawrenceville
      Auburn GA
      (770) 995-5242



  28. My son got tremendous relief from pelvic pain after we discovered and fixed an electrical wiring defect that had created an extremely high electromagnetic field (emf) in his bedroom. Before the defect was found and fixed, he had received help from Wise Anderson protocol,Rhonda Kotarinos, PT, etc…recommend both. But the real progress for my son came after he was no longer sleeping in extreme level of emf and then he saw experienced chiropractor Ken Strickland in Huntsville, AL who performed release technique as well as received cold laser treatments from Huntsville Al chiropractor Briggs and adjustments. He also did accupuncture and Hanna Somatics type exercises (but he did that stuff before emf fix). My son thinks the chiropractic and cold laser helped the most. The one other thing he did that happened at the same time he got such improvement was see naturopath in Eva, Alabama. I know swimming helps him maintain the tremendous progress he has made as well as the fact that he knows when he does have a flare up that he can get better and back to feeling ok if he swims, does k laser cold laser, sees Strickland. I believe he would make more progress if he could master relaxation techniques discussed in Wise book called A Headache in the Pelvis. I think at the heart of emf exposure is damage to the balance of one’s central nervous system so that the parasympathetic and the sympathetic branches are out of whack. If you want to test your own home for emf you can rent the AC milligaus meter model uhs2 from Michael Neuert just google that and emf center. Do not feel hopeless because my son is a great example of one who was in a lot of pain for over a year who got tremendous relief. I won’t be checking to see if there are replies to this post. I just encourage anyone going through this to check out what I’ve mentioned as well as the website of a former Cleveland Clinic urologist Jeannette Potts in San Jose, CA. Another thing that I think is interesting is Dr Jamie Koufmann’s chronic cough enigma book talks about resetting the vagus nerve with low dose amitriptyline coupled with gabapentin. Perhaps that would also help those suffering from overly tight muscles pressing on nerves causing referred pain because at the heart of this pain is the fact that the autonomic nervous system is out of whack and has to be reset. This is just my theory and I am not a doctor. Good luck. Don’t give up. We’ve been in that scary place of not knowing what to do to help our son. if you could see him now, it’s all so much better. Many thanks to physical therapists like the ones who created this webpage to help others.

  29. Hi, just checking to see if you have recommendations for PFD PT in Anchorage, Alaska? Thank you!

    1. Hello Hannah,

      We do not have therapist recommendations for Alaska at this time. Are you able to travel elsehwere?



  30. Hello, can you recommend anyone specializing in pelvic prolapse in/or around Frederick, Maryland?

    1. Hello Katie,

      Yes! Marci Marshall,PT is located in Frederick. Here is her information:



      Marci Marshall, PT
      Women’s Wellness Works
      Frederick, MD

  31. I have been suffering for 6 months so far. Started off as what I thought was yeast infection or BV – to this day I’m still not 100% what triggered it but during the horrible burning, rawness I tensed my body. I’d constantly clench down there. Especially while sitting. I finally was diagnosed with hormonally mediated vuvlodynia as well as hypertonic PFD. For the hormonal thing I’m applying testosterone and estrogen gel to Vulva/ glands. Which the tissue is no where near as red as it use to be. (This was due to Yaz x8years per the doctor) However the PFD has been by far the most frustrating thing. I started PT about two months ago. She has me doing 30 “pelvic braces” which are kegels essentially. Squeezing and bracing as if I’m trying to put on a pair of tight pants. She said this will tire the muscle out and relax it. When she hooks me up to see my resting tone I was down to 2.9 area. Started out at 12. Which I’m guessing is great? I felt better! I incorporated some yoga and hip flexor stretches. Then the past two weeks I stopped doing these pelvic braces because I’m reading all over the place that kegels are bad. I read a blog on here too but I’m still not 100% if I should or shouldn’t be doing them! Now I’ve had a terrible flare up. Feels like nerve electrical impulses all over the place. Mainly left side of vulva? I have the most horrible urine urgency. This started shortly after PT. Also will the flare ups lessen and eventually go away? I do not want to take medications. And certainly do not want to suffer forever. I’m only 26! I have contemplated suicide at times. I know this is not the answer. This site has been tremendously helpful. I appreciate everything you ladies and commenters say. Gives me hope. Please advise!! Thank you!!

    1. Hello Jamie,

      Were you only prescribed exercises, or has your therapist also treated your PF muscles internally? Not all patients start with an exercise program because those with tight pelvic floor muscles would experience a flare up of pain. Also, the pelvic floor muscles are the only muscles in our body that are constantly working, so there is no way to “tire them out.” You can however relax any tension, eliminate trigger points, and improve blood flow in restricted connective tissue with internal treatment. I would encourage you to discuss this with your therapist, and if necessary consult with a different therapist for a second opinion. I may be able to offer you recommendation depending on your location.

      All my best,


      1. Thanks for the quick reply! Well here’s the thing. I don’t have any pain upon penetration. Mild discomfort during intercourse. With this flare up I haven’t had any intercourse. It feels like it is all external. My PT has used a gloved finger and said that I do have “tight” areas inside the vagina so she says she does myofascial release. Then she hooks me up to a stimulator and leaves the room. It has been the same thing every time I’ve been there. I just feel at a loss. I am in the Altoona, Pa. Area if you have any suggestions.What is a “normal” resting tone? So the pelvic brace is not good for hypertonic floor? Should I be doing my own internal myofascial release? Thank you!

        1. Hello Jamie,

          Below are therapist recommendations near Altoona, PA. I encourage you to consult with one of them to receive a second opinion.

          Martha Patterson-Avery, PT
          OSPTA, Inc. VOR Women’s Services
          Charleroi PA
          (724) 489-8111

          Christine Woods, PT
          Fox Chapel Physical Therapy
          Pittsburgh PA
          (412) 967-9229

          Janice Bryant, PT
          UPMC Centers for Rehab Service
          Pittsburgh PA
          (412) 422-4775



  32. For anyone around the Akron/Hudson OHio area I have found a wonderful PT that has basically made me pelvic pain free. I can’t say enough about her. Her name is Janine at Healthy Core in Hudson, Ohio

    Tel: 330.528.0034
    Fax: 330.528.3149

    Our new location is
    1330 Corporate Drive, Suite 500
    Hudson, OH 44236

    Email us at:

  33. My situation started 6 months ago. I had an itch on the left side of my perianal area/ anal margin. I scratched it briefly through my pjs. Ever since, I have had varying degrees of burning soreness each day. Some days, it’ll feel mostly okay & then, for no reason, get very sore.

    It feels almost better when I lay down at night. It hurts to press on the area or sit on it. If I bend over, I sometimes get a tearing sensation.

    For the first three months, I continued to have hard stools, which would cause the area to be more sore. I have since remedied that & have had soft stools daily.

    I have been to several doctors. One proctologist told me I had an abrasion there (that was 9 weeks in). She had me use Calmoseptine for 8 weeks. Then, she said the skin looked healed & she didn’t know why I was still in pain.

    I saw a colorectal surgeon this week, who didn’t see anything internally or externally wrong. He said maybe it is a nerve issue.

    Could scratching the perianal skin (and then having hard stools pass over it) have damaged nerves?

    Lately, I’ve had a few weird twinges in the urethra area & I don’t know if it’s related or not.

    I would like to see a PT, if this sounds like a pelvic pain/ nerve issue. Could you recommend someone in Nashville, TN?

    I feel hopeless & really need to find someone who knows how to help!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Jen,

      Unfortunately we do not have therapist recommendations in Nashville, but I can refer you to a couple of specialists in TN:

      Alfredo Nieves, MD
      Pelvic Pain and Reconstructive Surgery Center
      Chattanooga, TN

      Melissa Kubic, PT
      Chattanooga, TN

      All my best,


      1. Thank you, Casie!

        Do you think my mystery pain sounds like it’s nerve-related? None of the doctors I’ve been to know how to help me. Is there a type of doctor that knows about these sorts of problems?

        Thanks for your help,

        1. Hello Jen,

          It is difficult to say without first evaluating you, but your symptoms sound musculoskeletal in nature, and not nerve related, however there may be some nerve irritation present. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of the recommended therapists, and begin treatment soon.



  34. Thank you so much! I am working on finding a PT here that can hopefully help.

  35. I also live in Nashville. I was just dx with pfd. I will be having surgery in Atlanta to remove endometriosis. My doctor recommended that I find a PT in Nashville? Any recommendations?

    1. Hello Erin,

      Unfortunately we do not have therapist recommendations in Nashville, but I can refer you to a couple of specialists in TN:

      Alfredo Nieves, MD
      Pelvic Pain and Reconstructive Surgery Center
      Chattanooga, TN

      Melissa Kubic, PT
      Chattanooga, TN

      All my best,


  36. Looking for a pt near Port St Lucie FL, any recommendations?


    1. Hello Tonya,

      Below are our therapist recommendations in Florida:

      Ashley Arango, PT and Katherine Marsh, PT
      Florida Hospital Pelvic Health Rehab
      Orlando FL
      (407) 303-8280

      Tracy Sher, PT
      Florida Hospital
      Altamonte Springs

      Pamela Downey, PT
      Miami FL
      (305) 666-3232



  37. Hi, My naturopathic physician indicated that I might benefit from physical therapy for my pelvic prolapse. However, I cannot find one in CT. I live in Burlington (near Hartford, CT) but would be willing to travel for the right therapist. Can you suggest any or tell me where to search for one. I have not had any luck so far on my own and I am really not a fan of surgery, if it can be avoided.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Linda,

      We are located in Waltham, MA. Please contact our office for more information (781) 577-6648.



  38. I know our area is sparsley populated, but what about near Beckley, WV? I’m 4 months out and have sugnificant scarring on a vaginal cuff and probably around where the ovaries were and bladder, too… Thanks so much for this site. To avoid surgery and further complications would be a tremendous blessing.

    1. Hello Leslie,

      I apologize but I’m not familiar with Virginia, so I thought I’d send along the list of PTs who have taken our class in the hopes that one or more of them is close by your area:

      Pierce Kristen Warrenton VA (540) 316-2680
      Rich Jennifer Roanoke VA (540) 982-2273
      Gryski Joanne PT Herndon VA (703) 222-5973
      Miller Amanda DPT Richmond VA (804) 270-7754
      Pagliano Carrie PT Arlington VA 2024444180
      Brown Carolyn PT Virginia Beach VA 7573742373
      Simmons Camille PT Alexandria VA (703) 849-8142
      Oxford Kathy DPT Richmond VA (804)330-9105
      Morris Lydia PT Richmond VA (804)285-0148
      Pesavento Kathy PT Vienna VA (703)963-3466
      Silvers Janet PT Burke VA (703)531-2410
      Kalina Clare PT Fairfax VA (703)591-9088



      1. Thank you. Roanoke, VA, is just two hours from our corner of WV, so that’s probably by best call! That’s closer than I ever thought possible 🙂

  39. Hi, I am 32y/o male recently diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction (levator spasm) after 2 years of being misdiagnosed. I am an active ultramarathon runner, but have been unable to run/weight train over the past 2 years due to significant lower abdominal/groin and rectal pain. I was diagnosed in Boston, but live in Connecticut and my doctor was not aware of any good pelvic floor PT to recommend. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for pelvic floor PT in Connecticut? Thanks

    1. Hello John,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a recommendation for Connecticut at this time. Are you able to travel elsewhere?



  40. By any chance, do you have a recommendation for Reno, Nevada? (And no, not Vegas, that’s 8+ hours away.) We are close to Lake Tahoe, Truckee, we could conceivably travel to the Sacramento, CA area (1 1/2 hours away). I can recommend a good therapist in the Los Angeles area. 😉

    1. Oops. When I posted earlier, I wasn’t aware that you have a location in Los Angeles. Scratch that comment about a good therapist in LA. LOL.

  41. I delivered 3 weeks ago. A week later I started to notice pelvic pain, particularly when walking which is getting worse. I felt a lump. I am now told I have prolapse. Can you recommend a pelvic floor PT in Boston or Cambridge, Mass? I’ve searched the above 100+ replies but can’t find the post mentioned in one of them.

    1. Hello Danielle,

      We are located in Waltham, MA. Although there may be a waitlist for new patients, we would be able to evaluate you. Please call our office for more information. (781) 577-6648.



  42. any recommendations for for prostate related pain relief in the florence/huntsville, al area. i miss my therapist in cicero new york. she was unable to find any for me in the florence, al area. thanks

    1. Hello Robert,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation in your area at this time. We apologize!



  43. I have had multiple pelvic, endo, ahesion surgeries back in 2002-3. I have been dealing with lower back pain. Recently I am having urinary issues, not really leaking, but cannot control when on the potty. My question is I have been doing kegels recently and trying to also strengthen my transverse ab( Rick Jemmet) and reading The Bathroom Key. It always had helped in the past but I got lazy. Anyways, now when I do these they don’t seem to help much w/o causing lower tummy issues. I am just wondering if my vaginal area isn’t just weak but tight. I know about trigger points and what they can do. I have read you can massage your vaginal and anal area to a point. Would you suggest this? I live in FL, so hard to find a good therapist.

  44. I have had Pudendal Neuralgia for almost 8 years following surgery for hysterectomy and repairs. If you have the names and addresses of any Pelvic Floor physiotherapists in New Zealand who you could recommend I would be most grateful. Only interested in any who practice therapy such as you do.

    1. Hi Jocelyn,

      We do not have any recommendations for New Zealand, but if you are able to travel, we can recommend therapists in Australia. Their information is below:

      Tait Alyssa PT Brisbane Australia 61 7 32770226 Equilibria Health
      James Angela PT Bondi, South Wales Australia 02 9369 4111 AJ Physio (Did not take course but good recommend in the Sydney area)



  45. I am 63 and my wife is 71 and we would really like to have sex but it is much too painful. We would like to try this therapy but as I understand it, the PTs are scarce in Florida. That seems strange considering how many elderly people are here.
    We are living in Ocala, FL and within reach of Gainesville or Orlando and would like to know if you can recommend anyone in those areas.
    Thank you for your help.

  46. Can you provide the name(s) of physical therapists specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction in the Bloomington, Indiana, area? If none in the Bloomington area, are there any in the Indianapolis area? Thank you!

    1. Hello Cathy,

      My apologies, but do not have a therapist recommendation near you. Are you able to travel elsewhere?



  47. Could you recommend a therapist that works with men for coccyx pain and ED? I’m in Charlotte, NC.


  48. I am currently 31.5 weeks pregnant with my third child (since 2012) and have developed rectocele prolapse, in conjunction with varicose veins around my vulva. I have also suffered undiagnosed with pubic symphysis disorder since my first child was born. I am only 27 and very concerned with my pelvic health and was hoping you could recommend a therapist. I am located about an hour south of Columbia, SC. Thank you!

    1. Hello Brittany,

      Proaxis Therapy is located in Greenville, SC and is the closest therapist recommendation near you. Here is their information:

      Jessica Powely, PT and Jenna Sires, PT
      Greenville SC
      (864) 454-0952
      (803) 979-5646



    1. Hello Kathy,

      Below are the names of pelvic floor therapists who have taken our course. Although we are not affiliated with these providers, we do know they are located near you.

      Hardin Jennifer PT Henderson KY (270) 827-8325 Methodist Hospital
      Arms Hannah PT Louisville KY (502) 899-9363 Dunn & Associates Physical Therapy
      Dunn Susan PT Louisville KY (502) 899-9363 Dunn & Associates Physical Therapy
      McElroy Melissa PT Louisville KY (502) 899-9363 Dunn & Associates Physical Therapy
      Raible-Wilson Erin PT Louisville KY (502) 899-9363 Dunn & Associates Physical Therapy
      Bauman Barbara PT Lexington KY 8592192233 Bauman Physical Therapy



  49. Do you have recommendations for pelvic floor therapists for the diagnosis of DYSNERGIA and symptoms of constipation? I am in State College, Pennsylvania?

    1. Hello Patricia,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation located in State College, but I can recommend a therapist nearby. Here is her information:

      Janice Bryant, PT
      UPMC Centers for Rehab Service
      Pittsburgh PA
      (412) 422-4775



  50. I have IC and have had three surgeries for endometriosis. I just moved to NY and would love to have pelvic floor therapy however I have yet to find one near me in Oneonta. Do you know of any therapist that is in at least a 35 mi radius? If not I will have to wait till spring or summer because I refuse to drive that far twice a week in the winter.


    1. Hello Jan,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation in that area at this time.



  51. Can you recommend a therapist in the Reno/Tahoe area as well as Chicago,preferably western suburbs like Naperville or Oak Brook.

    1. Hello Janice,

      Below are therapist recommendations for your area:

      Baum Tina, PT Las Vegas NV (702) 877-2000 Tina Baum Physical Therapy
      McGinn Lindsay, PT Las Vegas NV (702) 877-2000 Tina Baum Physical Therapy
      Karelus McKenzie, PT Las Vegas NV (702) 202-4696 Southern Hills Hospital
      Limoges Jenni PT Reno NV (775) 853-7475 Physical Therapy Partners



  52. Hello. I am a speech therapist in East Bradenton (Lakewood Ranch, FL) and also a breathing consultant for the Chicagoland Pelvic Floor Research Consortium. I have currently have a 71 year old F patient I am treating for a voice disorder who also has CREST Syndrome and some pelvic floor dysfunction. I think she could use a few pelvic floor PT sessions. Do you know of an experienced pelvic floor PT in the Bradenton/Sarasota area please?
    Dr. Wicklund

    1. Hello Dr. Wicklund,

      Below are a few therapist recommendations in your area:

      Arango Ashley Orlando FL (407) 303-8280 Florida Hospital Pelvic Health Rehab
      Marsh Katherine Orlando FL (407) 303-8280 Florida Hospital Pelvic Health Rehab
      Downey Pamela PT Miami FL (305) 666-3232



    1. Hello Lisa,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation for Houston, but can refer you to therapists in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Plano. Are you able to travel to any of these locations?



  53. Hi can you reccomend someone in Fresno ca or near. Any other advice would be good thank u

    1. Hello Laura,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation in your area at this time.



  54. Hi I am an orthopedic physical therapist and I’m trying to help a patient of mine find a PT that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. Do you have any recommendations for the northern/central NJ area?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Valerie,

      We apologize for the delay in response! Here are our recommendations for the NJ area:

      Ryan Angela MD Englewood NJ 2015672277 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
      Ely-Maskal Nancy PTA Englewood NJ 2015672277 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center
      Goldman Debra PT,MA, PRPC Florham Park, NJ 973-845-2592. Four Corners Physical Therapy



  55. Are there any recommended PT’s in the East Los Angeles area, around Pasadena perhaps? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Stephanie,

      We do not have a therapist recommendation in Pasadena, but we are located in Los Angeles, on West Olympic Blvd. You may contact our office for more information, (424) 293-2305.



  56. My daughter has have been disgnosed with pelvic floor disfunction. She’s had it for three years. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have had a hard time finding help. Are there any PT in this area. Can you help us? If there aren’t any, are there any PT in the Houston Texas area as we have family there which would help with the expense. Please let me know and I appreciate your help.

    1. Hello Sandra,

      I apologize for the delayed response. We do not have therapist recommendations for either area, but can recommend therapists in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth. If none of these locations work, we suggest looking for a therapist on the APTA website under “how to find a therapist.”



  57. I saw someone asked about Boise area a couple of years ago. Any change in PT recommendations since then? Eight weeks pregnant and already burning in the crotch. I couldn’t walk for a week after my last delivery because of SPD. It’s been a long recovery, and while a local PT did help considerably after I had delivered, we basically did exercises, not manual therapy….

    1. Hello Jo,

      I apologize for the delayed response. We have received a high volume of inquiries, and have been unable to attend to them in a timely manner. There has not been a change in Boise as far as recommendations go, but perhaps you may have luck finding a therapist on the APTA website. Here is their link:



  58. Hello,

    we are looking for a recommended pelvic PT in Calgary or Edmonton Alberta, Canada. This is for our son who has been having a lot of problems with pelvic pain for more than 2 years and has tried lots of therapies without success. I see you taught your course in Edmonton in 2013 so hoping we can find somebody that took the training that you would recommend. We have to do something to change this situation.

    1. Hello Andy,

      Certainly, below are therapist recommendations:

      Kira Ellis, PT
      Calgary, Alberta Canada
      Alana Lazareck-Devlin, PT
      Calgary, Alberta Canada
      Safa Rahman, PT
      Calgary, Alberta Canada
      Sarah Kalinocka, PT and Dianna MacDonald, PT
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada
      Mary Wood, PT
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada



  59. Hello! I’m looking for a therapist in the Indianapolis, IN area. I’m a male that has been suffering with pelvic floor pain for about 8 years. I’m young, 35, and my urologist and primary have focused on meds that just don’t do much. I have problems/pain urinating, post-sex pain, and frequent discomfort throughout most days. Beyond the pain, I’ve struggled with sexual performance since the pain began.

    I appreciate all you are doing!

  60. Is there any recommended therapist in the Little Rock, AR area? Thanks in advance.

  61. Any recommendations for pelvic PT providers in Pennsylvania. I live in north Central Pennsylvania by DuBois. I have had 2 c-sections with tubal ligation, and was found to have moderate adhesions between my bladder and uterus during a recent hysterectomy.


    1. Hi Diane,

      Please use the link below to find a physical therapist in your area.


  62. Please refer me to a PT pelvic specialist . I live in Orange County CA. Thank you

  63. I’m a man with serious pelvic issues from combat injuries; I’m liking for PT who is not afraid to touch men in or near Morristown, TN

  64. Can you recommend a pt in Palm Beach County/ South Florida? Been to one already with no improvement. Trying to wean off Neurontin.


    1. Have you found anyone that is helpful? I live in Boca Raton and want to get off gabapentin and still have pain while taking that .

  65. Hello,

    I have just been diagnosed with vaginal prolapse. Can you recommend a therapist in the Portland, Maine area?

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hello Mike,

      I apologize for the delayed response! Below are our therapist recommendations for Las Vegas:

      Baum Tina Las Vegas NV (702) 877-2000 Tina Baum Physical Therapy
      McGinn Lindsay Las Vegas NV (702) 877-2000 Tina Baum Physical Therapy
      Karelus McKenzie PT Las Vegas NV (702) 202-4696 Southern Hills Hospital



  66. Hi guys
    Im from the uk looking for a physical therapist for pn, can you reccomend anyone? Xx

  67. Another question i wanted to ask was regarding the relationship between pn pain and sciatica, im new to all of this as I believe i have pn but have only had symptoms for a few weeks My symptoms started very randomly in the pelvic region ( spasm type feeling not constant)and within a few days im experiencing lower back pain and pain down my leg. Ive spoken to my gp and evan mentioned pn but he ruled it off as I hadnt had any previous operations. Im not one to let things get worse so i researched online for pn and pt and found a few people just in case i am dealing with pn related pain.if i am experiencing pn, i am in the very early stages and was looking to deal with it as soon as possible. My pain isn’t constant, however what else would explain the random spasms pains tailbone and lower back pain?

    1. Author Stephanie Prendergast says:

      Typically musculoskeletal issues can cause back/sciatic pain. An evaluation with a pelvic floor physical therapist can help you determine what your particular sources of pain are.

  68. Hello. I am Glenn from Panama City, Florida. Looking for a PT in my area. I have been down the same road as many men suffering with this problem. I finally found a urologist that knew what my condition was. Dr. Carlos E Ramos at Panama City Urological center. He sent me to Beatrice J Soto PA-C,MA who deals with women’s pelvic pain, but also treats men. She has done wonders, but does not incorporate a PT which I believe is needed for long term care of this problem. Just wondering if you know any PT’s in this area? Thanks.

  69. Have had long term issues with my SI after childbirth 26 years ago. Have tried various therapies with temporary relief. It has gotten much worse lately and has been quite incapacitating.

    My physician had recommended Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Could you help me find an experienced therapist in Oak Park, IL or the Chicagoland area please?
    Thank you,

    1. You will be in good hands with Rhonda or Elizabeth Kotarinos. Alternatively, please check the APTA website.

  70. Looking for pt for pelvic pain, vag burning. Nerve pain. Treated with gabapentin but want to wean off meds. Live in South Florida area. Treating with urogynecologist but her pt referrals ineffective so far.

  71. Hi I am suffering from Si joint hypermobility and pubic sysymphysis seperation and instability at pubic joint. I live in Toronto Canada. Any suggestions? Though my problem is only 8 year old but it has recently flared up since past 6 months.and not getting better after trying lots of PT.

  72. Hello,

    I have been having pain in my pelvic area after I had my daughter two years ago. I have also been having issues with my back & have been to a chiropractor but would at times have pain when I sit. After reading your post I am thinking I may need to see a PT. Can you recommend any in Portland Oregon area that may be able to help?

  73. Hi I had my son two years ago and still have a weak pelvic floor. I have tried seeing various doctors to no avail. Could you recommend a pt in northern nj please!

  74. Any updates for therapists near Ct. Or New Haven Ct.? Desperate!! Traveling to NYC is too long a day? Please help!

  75. Can you recommend a PT at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Lebanon, NH? For people travelling to Boston for consult with you and it is non-covered insurance benefit, will you detail the out of pocket cost for visits if I call?

    1. Hello Jon,

      If you call the Waltham office we can give you more details on out of pocket costs for visits. The number is (781) 862-5222.

  76. Hello

    Can you please help me with Pelvic floor PT in Schaumburg(60193).Thank you very much

  77. Our son has pudendal neuralgia and and has seen every type of pain specialist, urologist and neurologist with no relief except morphine which has had to be increased regularly. Can you recommend someone in Wisconsin?

  78. Can anyone recommend a good pelvic floor physical therapist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan?
    Thanks, Sue

  79. Hi,
    Can you recommend a physical therapist in the DC/MD? For discomfort/pain, not incontinence….

    1. Hi Beatrice,

      We recommend Valerie Bobb at Baylor Landry her number is (214) 820-1860.


  80. Hello,
    I am a 67 year old male suffering from bulbocavernosus muscle spasm. I am looking for a pelfic floor physical therapist in tucson or Phenix who might be able to help with this problem. The MD’s seem to be Gynecologists.
    Thank you,
    Tom Cicchelli

    1. Hi Tom,

      We recommend Diana Munger at Desert Physical Therapy (602)264-3369.


  81. Hi I am A 32 year old female who is experiencing numbness. I am having surgery to remove A cerclage that was left inside of me, and they want to do A dnc. One of my doctors mentioned this kind of PT. Can anyone recommend A PT Doctor in the Boston, MA area?

    1. Hi Darlene,

      We have a location in Lexington, MA. You can call them at (781) 862-5222 and they would be happy to schedule you.


    1. Hi Julianna,

      We recommend Cindy Fuery at Comprehensive Therapy (858) 457-8419.


  82. Hello, I delivered 10 weeks ago, and recovery was going great until I began some intense running and now have been diagnosed with cystocele. I didn’t even realize that pelvic organ prolapse was possible! I am young, previously quite active (a dancer), and need some guidance beyond kegels and no impact activities my doctor prescribed. Is there please someone you can reccomend in the bossier/shreveport area in LA or thereabouts? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  83. I live in St. Joseph MI and I have always had leakage problems but has gotten worse after having 2 kids I am looking for a pelvic floor physiotherapist

  84. have you trained a theraphist in Fresno Ca. I had an over extended bladder which now I have to self cath becuase my bladder has failed, I also have constipation I am trying to retrain myself to have regular bowel movments, evrything I have read always comes back to the pelvic floor muscle. I believe my issues start with Prostatitis. will your treatment help with my issues.

    Thank you

  85. Could you recommend both a pt and physician who specialize in pudendal neuralgia as well as pelvic floor disorder in the Cranberry/Pittsburgh,PA area?
    Thank you

  86. Do you have any recommendations for a PT in the Colorado Springs/Denver Colorado area?

    1. Hi Lori,

      We recommend N2 Physical Therapy, their number is (720) 402-3801.



  87. Hey
    I am looking for pelvic floor physical therapist and physician in Phoenix, Arizona. Please suggest.

    1. Hi Anju,

      We recommend Diana Munger at Desert Physical Therapy her number is (602)264-3369.



  88. I suffer from tarlov cyst disease and was wondering if you have anyone in the Cherry Hill area of New Jersey…we are about 20 minutes from Philadelphia. …looking into pelvic floor therapy…thank you

  89. Do you have any recommendations for a pelvic floor physical therapist in Federal Way, WA? Thank you

  90. Hello,

    Ive been suffering for over a year with chronic pelvic floor pain. I have internal vaginal scar tissue but have never had a trauma. I need help to find a PT to help me in Wichita, KS. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve tried everything and lyrica is no longer helping me. My pain has cause entire pelvic floor to tighten and nerve pain is now going down my leg. This has taken over my life and everything is so limited in terms of getting through the day. Thank you so much.

  91. I have been experiencing pelvic discomfort and pain in leg/groin are (travels into pelvis) for 2 years now. My Urologist, primary and gyno Doctors cant determine the exact cause of pain so referred to pelvic floor therapy. I have tried two people but not impressed and would have given up had I not found this blog. On my first session at both places only a few questions were asked. No exam. Went right into biofeedback (had me do kegels) and then tens machine consisted of 60min. Appointments afterwards were same treatment 30min in and out. Did nto help pain at all, made worse. I am looking for manual more hands on approach, someone that can give me a game plan on treatment and target areas in therapy (someone that really knows their stuff). Any recommendations in or near the Naples Florida area I would appreciate.

  92. Hi, I am in desperate need of finding a Physical Therapist, that specializes in Pelvic. I can’t get into my email at the time, please if you could leave a message on phone or text me, I would realy appreciate it. And if your going to refer me to Tina Baum, too long of a wait. I need surgery:( THak yoiu, 702-743-0140

  93. I have had wonderful results for I continence with a pt in the Albany NY area who does pelvic floor rehabilitation. I would like to find someone in Naples Florida that I can refer my sister to. Can you help?

  94. I am looking fir a pelvic floor therapist in the Pittsburgh, PA area?
    Thank you!,

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