Lorimer Moseley: Why He Did It in a Dress

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Lorimer Moseley Doing it in a Dress

Lorimer Moseley is a brilliant clinical and research physiotherapist, an expert communicator, teacher, and writer…and he doesn’t look half bad in a dress.

How do I know this odd fact about the Australian pain guru? I know it because he delivered his Sunday morning lecture at last weekend’s IPPS Conference in Chicago sporting a smart, little, blue and white plaid number.

Why did he do it in a dress?

He did it for “One Girl,” a non-profit organization that gives women and girls living in Sierra Leone access to education.

But he didn’t do it alone!

Rewind to Saturday morning’s keynote address. That’s when along with explaining pain, Lorimer tossed out a challenge to the audience. If they would donate $4,500 by the next morning he would don a dress to the next morning’s lecture. And to sweeten the deal he also promised to match any donation over and above the $4,500 mark.

I’m proud to report that the generous attendees at the meeting rose to the challenge, and as the picture above proves, Lorimer’s knobby knees were on proud display at the podium.

Well done IPPSers!  I’m so proud to be a member of such a caring and generous organization!

Here’s some more info about what motivated Lorimer to rock that adorable mini:

A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to attend High School. Spurred on by that heartbreaking and disturbing stat, the organization, One Girl,  is currently supporting 150 girls who are attending Primary and High School as part of its “Girl’s Education Program.” Each year, the organization must raise enough money to keep its girls in school. That includes school fees, books, bags, uniforms, and medical care.

Do It in a Dress helps ensure that each of the 150 girls have their entire education paid for (not just one year at a time)—whether they start in grade 1 or year 10. The organization also works with the schools its girls attend to learn how it can help make the environment more “girl friendly.”  To find out more about this very worthy organization, click here.

Lorimer and his crew is hoping that by October 31st, the date that marks the end of the “Do It In a Dress” campain, he and his team down under can reach their goal of $20,000. The good news is they are almost there. If you’d like to help them reach their goal, hit this link and donate now!

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