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What is the Fetus Ejection Reflex and is it real?

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By Katie Hunter   “In the wild, mother and young have a better chance of survival if the mother can regulate labor so that the young are born in safe, quiet surroundings.” –Niles Newton, behavioral scientist and professor at Northwestern University circa 1987   Before I explain what all of this means… let’s go over some of the facts.   …

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Coached Pushing vs. Maternal Pushing

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Last winter a patient of mine, who we’ll call Sarah, shared her birth story with me. She was in the hospital laboring with her first child and everything was progressing as planned. Sarah started to develop strong urges to push and instinctively started to bear-down. The nurse in the room noticed what she was doing and told her to stop. …

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Marcy on Sex and Leaking after Babies; Her Frenemy: The Kegel!; and What Actually Happens during a Pelvic Floor PT Session {VIDEO}

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Sex and leaking after childbirth. Her love/hate relationship with Kegels. The down low on how pelvic floor PT works. Urinary leakage. No topic is off limits when Marcy sits down with Steph and Lauren, the hosts of The Lady Brain Show! “We have loads of questions,” kicks off Steph. “I can’t sneeze without crossing my legs and kind of leaning …