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Growing Pains: A Story of Sex, Vaginismus, and Clinically Approved Dildos

In Female Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast2 Comments

By Jackie M. White This week writer Jackie White, writer, educator, and creator of the website Sexual Healing, shares her colorful story and essay on pelvic pain. Growing Pains: A Story of Sex, Vaginsmus, & Clinically Approved Dildos Not Just Another Blog Post, Folks… Back in September 2014, the North American chapter of World Sexual Health Day announced that my personal …

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How Hypnotherapy Helped My Pelvic Pain

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast2 Comments

By Guest Blogger: Liz Palmer For those of us who suffer from pelvic pain, it can be an impossibly frustrating journey. First, it can take years to seek help. Let’s be honest, it’s incredibly awkward to tell your doctor that your vagina hurts so bad you cry during sex, or that you can’t maintain an erection because of the searing …