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It’s National Bladder Health Week!

In Bladder Dysfunction by Stephanie Prendergast1 Comment

It’s National Bladder Health Week and we want to dedicate this blog post to our favorite (and only) urine collecting organ! The bladder is a vessel that sits on the pelvic floor and its primary function is to collect and hold our urine. It is made out of a hollow muscle called the detrusor which stretches to allow urine to …

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The Case of PT for Urge Incontinence

In Bladder Dysfunction by pelv_admin10 Comments

At our weekly staff meetings at PHRC, us PTs take turns presenting patient case studies to our colleagues. Our M.O. in presenting these case studies is to cover each of the patient demographics we see here at the clinic: female pelvic pain; male pelvic pain, postpartum and pregnancy issues; and incontinence and prolapse. (Obviously, there is some overlap, especially with …