In addition to helping our local patients, many people travel to come see us to better understand their pelvic health concerns and find understanding and relief. Often people do not understand their symptoms until they stumble upon our website, blog, or social media channels. Some people have a diagnosis but they do not have a pelvic floor physical therapist locally to help them. Other times people have a pelvic floor physical therapist but for some reason are not getting better or feel stuck in their treatment plans. Others just want another opinion from trusted experts. 

Stephanie sees out-of-town patients in Los Angeles, California, and  Elizabeth sees out-of-town patients in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Because of our teaching background and community leadership, we are well connected to a large web of pelvic health experts around the world. After we evaluate you we can work with you to find you the right people to help you closer to your home. 

If you are considering traveling to come see one of us we suggest that you start with a digital health consultation to help us better understand what your concerns and goals are. During this virtual meeting we will work with you to figure out if we can help. Chances are, we can help with the diagnostic and treatment process and we will taylor the out-of-town program to your specific needs. We will determine if it may be beneficial for you to see other providers in our trusted network during your visit with us. Some people choose to come for a 2- hour evaluation, other people choose to come for an extended period of time for treatment. This can be as short as a week or two or for several months. 

After your visit we will provide you with a comprehensive report and assessment, a home exercise program, and we will assist you with coordinating your treatment plan in our cities and in yours. Once you return home we can continue to help you via email, digital health appointments, and future follow-up visits in person and with us if needed.

Schedule a Digital Health Consultation

Schedule a Digital Health Consultation