"If you are suffering from chronic pelvic pain, PHRC is going to be an essential part of your recovery. They have been for me."
"I am very happy with your entire staff and had GREAT success with my treatment."
"Your service was superb! I have met all of my goals and learned so much in the process."
"Nicole’s treatment exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"
"I am happy to have the opportunity to publicly appreciate the caring and dedication that I experience each time I enter the PHRC office. Most doctors and healthcare professionals are not educated about this part of the body, and they “don’t want to go there”. The Pelvic Health and Rehab Center specifically specializes in dealing with the kind of pain I have been living with! Finally! I can feel the many years of experience in Stephanie’s hands and in the answers to ALL of my questions. She works hard each appointment to make the best use of the time. I am getting solid help with both healing, AND managing my situation. Everyone in this efficient office is genuinely friendly, concerned and understanding. Jenni is always willing to do whatever it takes to find the appointment times I need. Phone calls are returned quickly. I feel very lucky to have this rare and crucial resource in my life."
"Pelvic floor PT really makes one feel quite vulnerable, but Rachel made it the most comfortable experience. She makes it enjoyable and fun to work with her, while still being professional and knowledgeable with any question I throw her way. I actually have fun and enjoy coming in seeing both Vanessa and Rachel. They were both so wonderful/flexible, and worked with me to get the most reimbursement from my medical insurance. Additionally, I want to say how great it is to have open email communication and accessibility to Rachel with questions/feedback etc. She has always been very quick to respond with thorough answers that relieve any qualms or fears I may have. I feel very lucky to have been diagnosed by a wonderful doctor and for her referring me to this group where I feel everyone is looking out for my best interests and well being. THANK YOU!"
"If you are suffering from vulvar pain that no “specialist” has figured out, you really should pay these PTs a visit. I went thinking, “well, this might not work, but after all the failures, I might as well give it a try.” The PTs who work here are the most polite, well-mannered, compassionate, and caring medical providers I have seen during this long journey of unexplained pain. I can only say that I wish I had visited them earlier because after countless medical interventions, their physical therapy seems to be the only thing I’ve tried that helps with my pain levels."
"It is widely known that Stephanie Prendergast, Liz Rummer and the whole team at PHRC are THE experts in identifying and treating pelvic pain and dysfunction in the Bay Area, if not beyond. I have seen a slew of doctors of both traditional and alternative medicines locally and in Los Angeles over the last year and they have all at some point referred me to PHRC. Luckily I began seeing Stephanie Prendergast. I can’t say enough about Stephanie’s commitment to helping me get better. Stephanie has – without a doubt – been the most effective member of a team of healthcare professionals that has evaluated and treated me over the past year."
"For one, Stephanie knows EVERYBODY so she is a great source for referrals. She has introduced me to several wonderful doctors who are now working on my case and adding a lot of value. She also has no hesitation about asking critical questions and relentlessly pushing everyone – most importantly the doctors – to keep working until they figure out what is wrong. She has been my best advocate and I can always count on her intelligence, persistence, clarity and kindness. Honestly, I feel like if I had not found Stephanie when I did, I would today be hunched over helpless in the corner of my bedroom. Instead, I have hope that I will recover my health and my life. And it helps tremendously knowing that there are some wonderful souls down at PHRC who are standing right by my side, working towards the same outcome. They have never let me down."
"From the first day I called to schedule an appointment with PHRC, my experience with them has been top notch. They have very effective procedures in place to ensure consistent communication and a high level of customer service. The office staff is extremely caring and competent. I don’t think I can say that about many of the doctors I have gone to see. Even if a doctor is good, I more often than not have to put up with a dysfunctional office environment that oftentimes leads to a great deal of frustration, the last thing you need when you are suffering from chronic pain. I have never been frustrated with PHRC. Lastly, although I was concerned initially about their fees and how I was going to afford them, my insurance has provided pretty good reimbursement (about two-third reimbursement before I hit my out-of-network deductible and then they paid 100%). But in retrospect, I seriously would have paid double! I am hugely grateful for Stephanie and the PHRC team!"
"I’m very glad I decided to try another treatment option when I reached a plateau with my previous provider. Your wonderful staff of physical therapists got me to move forward with minimizing my pelvic pain. Since I’m an out-of-town patient, I was looking for someone who would truly follow up on my progress. Your clinic has done that for me. Your dedication to creating a network of knowledge with other PT’s is remarkable. As a patient it makes you feel part of a huge family who are all working together to get patients well. I can’t thank you enough!"
"Who knew there was a place that is just focused on medical issues with your pelvic area? I wish I had known about PHRC about two years earlier than I did after I began experiencing ongoing post-pregnancy/birth pelvic pain. They’re young and cool and cutting-edge, and outfitted me with exercises and “trigger point” massaging that eliminated my pain. Just like that. Thanks, Stephanie! What stunk was driving from the East Bay to SF for each visit. It took about 5 visits maybe? At the time they were the only ones in the Bay Area with this specialty, so I had to do it. But now – They’ve opened an office in Berkeley! East Bay-ers can now rejoice. And I know there are a lot of you. Sadly, people tend to live with this kind of pain, or inability to pee, or leaking, because its just not something that’s talked about for some reason. But pregnancy and birth wreaks havoc on your body. If you’re having some sort of problem, there is no need to grin and bear it! You can hop right on over to the PHRC in SF or in Berkeley, and take care of it so you can get on with your life."
"In the fall of 2010 I gave birth to my first baby and discovered my pelvic floor had not survived pregnancy and delivery all that well. I couldn’t even pee one drop. Scary. Then I was referred to the fabulous Stephanie Prendergast. She treated me with top-notch expertise and absolute professionalism. And I can pee again! What a relief! Though I think I’m a complicated case, Stephanie has a way of making me feel like I’m not. I am so relieved that PHRC exists – I had never heard of a pelvic floor physical therapist before I found myself in extreme need of one."
"About 18 months ago I started getting unexplained daily stabbing pain in my private parts…..heavy and constant. I saw numerous doctors, but exams and tests disclosed nothing of significance. Not knowing what to do, I tried everything from medications, lotions, powders, creams, sitz baths, vitamins, exercise, hypnosis, acupuncture, even tried a voodoo-type of treatment. (yes voodoo!) Nothing changed. The pain became so bad that I decided to surf the internet to look for help. That’s when I found PHRC. However I still was apprehensive since I wasn’t sure if they treated male pelvic pain (yes they do!) and what to expect, i.e. the fear of the unknown. These worries caused me to delay calling them for a few more months. Finally the pain got to me and I decided to make an appointment. The office staff from the very first visit was friendly, professional, and welcoming. That put me at ease. My therapist, Liz Rummer, was very thorough and explained everything in detail. I soon discovered that I was “in good hands” (literally). The PTs at PHRC are up-to-date on the latest treatment methods available. Each patient is given a customized treatment plan. Much to my relief, the therapy treatments are not painful (another initial fear I had that delayed my call to them). I found the recovery time to be gradual and steady. I’m finally feeling normal again and can honestly say that PHRC is the reason since nothing else had worked. My only regret is that I did not call much earlier because of my fears. I could have avoided many months of pain."
"I ran all the way to BART, down the stairs and hustled to my door, without ONE drop or even feeling like I would leak!! I cannot believe it. Thank you so much PHRC!"
"Rachel was flat-out awesome. She has a very warm and disarming personality that always made me feel comfortable. On top of that, she is extremely well trained and proficient at pelvic floor rehab, and did a good job adapting to my needs."
"I never knew something like pelvic health rehab existed and I am so glad to have found you. Every time I walk into the office, I am greeted with friendly smiles. The experience at PHRC is all around fun and friendly, but very professional. I have and will continue to recommend PHRC. Thanks again!"
"I had a very positive experience with Melinda. She has an excellent manner with patients and seems very skilled in the treatment. If I have future need for such therapy I would return to PHRC and Melinda without hesitation."
"Malinda’s obvious care for her patients is appreciated. Very thorough communicator."
"Nicole’s treatment exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"
"Seriously, your office is amazing. Rachel is a wonderful PT and Vanessa does a great job with communicating. I am thrilled with everything you do and only wish I had found you sooner!"
"Rachel is wonderful, very conscientious, thorough, and kind. She did an amazing written case report and is just a very caring person."

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