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Everyday Activities Supported by Pelvic Floor Muscles

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Emily Tran1 Comment

The Unsung Heroes: Everyday Activities Supported by Pelvic Floor Muscles By PHRC Admin   While often overlooked, the pelvic floor muscles are unsung heroes that play a vital role in supporting everyday activities. These muscles, located at the base of the pelvis, provide structural support to our internal organs and facilitate essential functions. In this blog post, we will explore …

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Great Sex and Orgasms After Prostate Cancer

In Male Pelvic Pain by Melinda Fontaine6 Comments

  By Melinda Fontaine, DPT, PHRC Walnut Creek   Meet Paul and Ashley. Paul and Ashley have an active sex life. They are taking the time to get to know each other’s bodies and pleasures as well as their own. They are trying new ways of being intimate and using toys. They are having fun and growing closer as a …