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Why Does the Area Between My Balls and My Butt Hurt? Tyler’s Male Pelvic Pain Success Story

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When I first discussed sharing Tyler’s story on this blog, we talked about why men are not aware of pelvic floor PT. We talked about how most websites list  “chronic prostatitis” or “male pelvic pain syndrome” to define his symptoms. He shared with me what men are most likely typing into Google when looking for treatment for symptoms similar to …

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Posture Revisited: Sitting and the Pelvic Floor

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Photo via Joe Loong via Flickr In previous entries, Britt beautifully took us through all things posture (Posture and the Pelvis Part One and Part Deux). Here are some important takeaways from her posts to consider as we explore how sitting may affect your pelvic floor:   The diaphragm, trunk (back extensors, transversus abdominis, obliques, etc.) and pelvic floor muscles are …

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Pelvic Girdle Pain During Pregnancy

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We all know one or two of those superhero mamas that REALLY enjoy being pregnant.  You know, the ones that can eat anything without feeling nauseous during their first trimester or the ones that are able to run 20 miles a week until they deliver.  Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful part of life and yes, we are happy for those …

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Oh coccyx, my coccyx!

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  By Admin   If you don’t know what or where your coccyx is, count yourself lucky.  This little bone can make quite a ruckus when it’s not happy, often called coccydynia.  The coccyx, or tailbone, is our little vestigial tail, after eons of evolution.  It is often ignored and forgotten by most, but to me, it’s one of the …