causes of ilioinguinal neuralgia

Ilioinguinal Neuralgia: Causes and Treatment

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By Stephanie A. Prendergast, MPT, Cofounder, PHRC Los Angeles


Ilioinguinal neuralgia is typically caused by a surgical procedure or an inguinal hernia.


A hernia is when tissue pooches through the abdominal wall due to a weak point in the abdomen. An inguinal hernia, which is a hernia in the inguinal canal, can put pressure on the ilioinguinal nerve, causing neuralgia, as it pushes through the inguinal canal.


The surgical repair of a inguinal hernia that utilizes mesh can also compromise the ilioinguinal nerve by entrapment of the nerve in the mesh product.


The sutures at the edges of a Cesarean incision can also injure the ilioinguinal nerve causing neuralgia. Almost 9% of women who undergo a Cesarean section will report chronic incisional pain, often due to ilioinguinal neuralgia!


Although not nearly as common, other abdominal surgeries can compromise the ilioinguinal nerve resulting in neuralgia. 

tx of ilioinguinal neuralgia

Treatment for ilioinguinal neuralgia usually requires a multidisciplinary approach including:


  • physical therapy
  • nerve blocks
  • and medications


In some cases, a more aggressive treatment intervention may be necessary such as surgically removing the mesh that is compromising the nerve, or a procedure called a neurectomy, which removes a portion of the nerve. 


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