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Pelvic Pain Explained: A Sneak Peak!

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast9 Comments

    Earlier this year Liz and I completed our manuscript for our book, Pelvic Pain Explained. Writing it was a challenging process, to say the least. We are hopeful that this book will raise awareness about and help to demystify pelvic pain. By sharing our combined clinical experience we want to help people with pelvic pain and their providers …

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Can Essential Oils Help my Pelvic Pain?

In Female Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast8 Comments

By Guest Blogger: Liz Palmer Pelvic floor discomfort is literally a pain in the ass. The journey from disease to health can be long and frustrating, especially in a culture where doctors shrug their shoulders at pelvic pain. Taking advantage of holistic modalities can make the pilgrimage to health a less arduous one. One such method is essential oils—highly concentrated …

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How PT can help with Anal Cancer Treatment

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie PrendergastLeave a Comment

At PHRC we treat a wide variety of patient populations. One population that we’re beginning to see more often is patients undergoing treatment for anal cancer. Recent research has shown that the incidence of anal cancer, which is linked to the human papillomavirus (HPV), is on the rise, especially among men and women under the age of 45. Although we’re seeing …

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What if you Can’t Find a Pelvic Floor PT?

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast40 Comments

  By Guest Blogger Sara Sauder In this week’s post, blog contributor and fellow pelvic floor PT, Sara Sauder, who practices in Austin, Texas at Sullivan Physical Therapy, provides us with an honest, thoughtful answer to this all-too-common dilemma. Take it away Sara! If you’re lucky enough to find a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area, good for you!  You …

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PHRC LA Now Open!

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast4 Comments

On May 5th, PHRC opened a new clinic location on the West Side of Los Angeles, and we couldn’t be more excited. The clinic is located in the heart of West LA at 11500 Olympic Blvd, Suite 440, in between Sawtelle Blvd. and Barrington Ave. Stephanie will be spearheading the LA clinic and is already feeling at home in LA. …

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Helping Couples Cope with Illness and Pain

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast1 Comment

By Guest Blogger Barbara Kivowitz, co-author (with Roanne Weisman) of: IN SICKNESS AS IN HEALTH: Helping Couples Cope with the Complexities of Illness   When we commit to our partner in sickness and in health, chances are we are paying very little attention to the in sickness part of the vow. Yet the CDC estimates that almost one out of …

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Pelvic Pain around the Globe

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast13 Comments

As I prepare to attend the First World Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain this week, I am reminded that pelvic pain is a global issue that affects men and women the world over. Truth be told, however, this reality is always on my mind. Weekly, we hear from men and women in other countries seeking advice for their pelvic …

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Male Pelvic Pain: It’s Time to Treat Men Right

In Male Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer308 Comments

Tony is one of those people who seem superhuman. In his early 30s, he’s lean and athletic. When he isn’t chasing after one of his three young children or helping to run a successful family business, you can find him surfing, hunting, snowboarding, golfing, swimming, or playing basketball. It’s hard to believe that at one time, this guy who has …