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Early Trauma and Its Effect on Chronic Urogenital Pain

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By: Elizabeth Akincilar, PHRC Cofounder Another October, another International Pelvic Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting has come and gone. This year, we gathered in Toronto, Canada to learn about the latest and greatest in the world of pelvic pain. It seemed fitting that the first lecture of the general meeting would discuss possible early contributors to chronic urogenital pain.  Dr. …

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Sleep Is Medicine for Pelvic Pain

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By: Maryssa Steffen, DPT, PHRC Berkeley If you experience pelvic pain, are you aware of how your sleep quality may play a part?  A 2015 national poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that “64% of those suffering chronic pain, and 54% of those with acute pain, report co-occurring poor sleep quality.”1 Everyone needs seven to nine hours asleep in …