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Vulvodynia: Do’s, Don’ts, + Symptom Management

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 By Stephanie Prendergast, MPT, Cofounder, PHRC Los Angeles   The diagnosis of Vulvodynia can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming. Studies show that vulvar pain affects as many as 1 in 3 women at some point during their lives and the medical community is finally getting better at diagnosing and treating it! ‘Vulvodynia’ simply means pain in the vulva. We consider …

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What is an expandable vaginal dilator? Meet Milli!

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Author: Tracy MacNeal, Materna CEO   This week we are posting about the Milli, the first-ever gradually expanding dilator. Please note PHRC cofounder Stephanie Prendergast is a member of the Materna Scientific Advisory Board and PHRC is posting this blog on their behalf.   Vaginal dilators are often recommended in treatment plans for women suffering from vaginal stiffness and discomfort. …

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5 Tips to Reduce Vulvodynia Symptoms

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Vulvodynia can affect up to 25% of women in their lifetime.1 The vulva is the anatomical term for the external genitalia in women that includes the clitoris, labia, mons pubis, and vestibule (vaginal opening).  Vulvodynia has received specific diagnostic terminology as we now know there are various causes and presentations of symptoms that can be considered “vulvodynia”.3  Box 1 contains …