IG Live Q/A: Pudendal Neuralgia + Pudendal Nerve Entrapment

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By Elizabeth Akincilar, MPT, Cofounder, PHRC Lexington


In May we went live on Instagram with Mark Conway, MD, gynecologist and pelvic surgeon specializing in pelvic neuralgias. We compiled a list of questions from social media to answer during our live about your inquiries about Pudendal Neuralgia. So what is Pudendal Neuralgia? It is a treatable pain condition that consists of stabbing, burning pain in the clitoris, penis, scrotum, perineum, urethra, and anus. The majority of people with pudendal neuralgia have pelvic floor dysfunction, peripheral nerve sensitivity, and dysregulation of the central nervous system.


We discussed:

  • Pudendal neuralgia and pudendal nerve entrapment
  • How to diagnose PN and PNE, what type of treatments are available and effective
  • Physical therapy, pudendal nerve blocks, pharmacotherapy and other helpful treatment strategies
  • How to diagnose pudendal nerve entrapment and who is a good candidate for pudendal nerve decompression surgery
  • Dr. Conways’ technique for pudendal nerve decompression surgery


Find the full video + a sneak peak below of some of the questions answered during the live!

For more educational videos by Elizabeth Akincilar & Dr. Conway, find them from Youtube at bottom of this blog!




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What exercises are recommended vs what are not recommended? Which activities and exercises exacerbate PN pain? 

pudendal neuralgia Do's pudendal neuralgia Don'ts

Do nerve blocks work? 

    1. The pudendal nerve itself is rarely the sole driver of the symptoms of PN, such as sitting pain. But rather, is one impairment of a myofascial syndrome composed of many parts. This is one reason why interventions directed at the nerve alone, such as nerve blocks, often provide limited or no relief.

How can the foam roller be used to do something good on the pelvic floor?

    1. External muscles and fascia surrounding the pelvic girdle have a relationship to the hip, buttock, back, groin and thigh pain (which are connected to the pelvic floor). Check out our videos on Youtube for foam rolling instructions!


Do you see any correlation with pudendal neuralgia and birth control? 

    1. Check out our blog archives about birth control


I had a nerve block in each cheek but did not see significant improvement but was numb. Couldn’t the nerve be trapped or pinched at any point on the PN and if missed wouldn’t help? 

    1. We have a blog that discusses the differences between PN and PN entrapment.


Sits bones and anus.. Could it be confused with ischial bursitis? 

    1. Patients with PN can have tingling, stabbing, and/or shooting pain anywhere in the territory of the nerve. Symptoms include vulvar or penile pain, perineal pain, anal pain, clitoral pain, and pain at the ischial tuberosities as well as pain with bowel movements, urination, and orgasm.


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