IPPS Post-Conference Specialty Course

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By Amy Stein, MPT, DPT, BCB-PFD, IF & Karen Brandon, DSc, PT, WCS

This year we are excited to present a post-conference course dedicated to physical therapy clinical skills and treatment planning for complex endometriosis cases. This workshop is in-person and virtual. 

We are so excited to have an all-star group of presenters, an expert panel, and case dissection round tables where you can ask questions and discuss clinical reasoning!

The program will be available both in-person and on-demand with pre-reading videos and cases sent ahead for your preparation for the dynamic talks.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a pelvic floor physical therapist who is working on progressing your understanding of endometriosis and with a better framework. 
  • You are a clinician and want to understand the multidisciplinary resources and interventions that are available.
  • You have been challenged with addressing the different presentations of endometriosis pelvic pain and felt you weren’t able to address the patient’s functional needs. 

Our faculty includes:

Stephanie Prendergast, MPT: Pelvic Health and Rehab Center

Ramona Horton, MPT, DPT: Asante Rogue Regional Medical; Faculty-Herman & Wallace

Jandra Mueller, DPT: Pelvic Health and Rehab Center

Jill Mueller, PT:  Healthy Balance Physiotherapy and Wellness

Tracy Sher, MPT, DPT, CSCS: Sher Pelvic Health and Healing 

Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, M.Ed, LPC, CST: Pelvic Rehab Medicine

Jorge Carillo, MD, MHPE, FACOG: Orlando VA Healthcare

Course Directors:

Karen Brandon, DSc, PT, WCS

Amy Stein, MPT, DPT, BCB-PFD, IF


Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Assisting the provider to build on basic pelvic health training with mentor-guided principles that focus on PT medical screening, review of systems, and treatment planning.
  • Includes expert therapists with additional specializations in integrative nutrition, visceral fascia, and orthopedic assessments.
  • A multidisciplinary panel for a Q&A opportunity.
  • A focus on case management and treatment planning.
  • Pre-study videos & discussions of treatment tools available on assessment.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring 1-2 case studies.


Learning objectives include:

  • Explaining the condition of endometriosis as the sum of pelvic pain disorders of the systems involved.
  • List types of resources needed for comprehensive care in the endo population.
  • Outline how to screen and refer for valuable disciplines.
  • Be able to integrate multidisciplinary knowledge in their PT practice.
  • Identify common barriers in the care of endo patients.
  • Demonstrate steps for problem-solving and prioritizing treatment plans and case management principles.

We look forward to hosting this amazing program on October 2, 2022 in the beautiful Hilton Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Physical Therapy CEU’s are available for this program in specific states.

For more information and to register visit us online.



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