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Part II: Breathing Techniques for Pelvic Floor Health

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By Melissa Patrick, PT, DPT and Jennifer Keesee, DPT In part I of this blog post, we covered the basics of proper breathing mechanics and how important they can be for your pelvic health. We introduced pranayama, yoga based breathing exercises, and discussed the benefits of regular breath practice. We also talked about diaphragmatic breathing, its impact on the nervous …

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Posture and the Pelvis: Part One

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By Admin “In all nature structure determines function” – William Herbert Sheldon, father of somatotyping “Form and function are a unity, two sides of a coin” – Ida P. Rolf, biochemist and fascial genius “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” – Schoolhouse Rock, how us 30+s learnt grammar   Structure and function are intricately connected. Our posture is the structure in …