One-on-One Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Mentoring is now LIVE!

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By Liz Akincilar, PHRC Cofounder

We are thrilled to report that after introducing our Online Clinical and Business One-on-One Mentoring Program a few weeks ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive! Stephanie and I were very excited to begin to offer these services, as educating the professional community is so important to us, but we weren’t quite sure how excited the rest of you would be. Now knowing that these services are both very needed and wanted, we’re even more excited to announce the launch of this program! Beginning in June, Stephanie and I will officially begin offering virtual one-on-one mentoring for both clinical concerns and business related needs.

One-on-One Clinical Mentorship 

To be a successful pelvic floor physical therapist, not only do we have to have a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system, but also many other systems in the body, including the urinary, reproductive, colorectal, nervous, and endocrine systems. We also need to be familiar with and understand the pharmacological, surgical, and pain management treatment interventions that many of our patients undergo. To top it all off, we also have to be familiar and comfortable with the psychosocial aspects of pelvic health and know when and who to refer our patients to for these services. A physical therapist who is new to the field may wonder how they will ever feel confident in all these aspects of pelvic health to become a successful pelvic floor physical therapist. A seasoned pelvic floor physical therapist may feel very confident in most of these aspects of pelvic health, but may feel they need more education in specific areas. 

For both the new and the seasoned pelvic floor physical therapist, the need is the same. Mentorship. Continuing education courses are invaluable to learn new skills and really hone in on one’s existing skills. But one-on-one mentorship is something different. This sort of training is precisely what you, in particular, want and need, whether you’re new to the field, or have been in it for 20 years. One-on-one mentorship is tailored to your exact needs, right now. Want to discuss one of your current complex pain patients that you’ve hit a plateau with? Need to discuss whether it makes sense to refer your patient to an interventional pain management specialist or back to their surgeon for a surgical consultation? Looking for tips on how to talk to a local physician colleague about suggesting a treatment for your patient? Whatever it is you need to discuss, we’re game. Whatever challenge you’re facing, chances are, we’ve been there too and have ideas for you on how to tackle it. Specializing in this field the last 20 years has taught us how to navigate many of those tough questions we so often get from our colleagues. Let us help you troubleshoot those complex patient cases and navigate the particular challenges we often face in our field. 

One-on-One Business Mentorship

It has been a very difficult few months. Truly unbelievable, to be honest. This pandemic has forced us, as business owners, to make some very tough decisions lately. Knowing and accepting the responsibility of the effects our decisions have on our patients, our staff and our business is one the greatest challenges we face as small business owners. Stephanie and I have said to one another, almost daily lately, how grateful we are that there are two of us tackling this together, and how fortunate we are that we have 15 years of experience as small businesses owners behind us to draw upon to get our business through this unprecedented time. Since opening our doors almost 15 years ago, we have made a lot of mistakes. Some of those mistakes hurt more than others, but most importantly, we have learned from them. Our business is dynamic. We’re constantly adjusting and making changes as we learn better and more efficient ways to get things done. Although nothing could have quite prepared us for the coronavirus, because we had certain safeguards in place and alternative revenue generating ideas in the works prior to the pandemic, we have thankfully been able to weather this COVID storm relatively okay. 

Although we didn’t know much about running a small business when we started this adventure together, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge over the years. Running a successful medical practice is so much more than treating patients. So much more that I think many medical providers don’t even know the half of what they are getting themselves into when they embark on opening a practice. Whether it’s hiring and managing staff, or marketing your services, or learning basic accounting skills, as a small business owner, it often falls upon you to do everything. We want to help our colleagues not make the same mistakes we did. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you to make your practice more successful and less frustrating. Bring us your questions, your frustrations and your challenges. We look forward to working with you to help your practice reach its full potential!


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