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Emphasizing Sexual Awareness: National Condom Week

In Male Pelvic Pain by Elizabeth AkincilarLeave a Comment

By PHRC Admin National Condom Week, celebrated every year from February 14th to 21st, serves as a pivotal reminder of the importance of sexual health and awareness. It provides an opportunity to educate about safe sex practices and their significance in maintaining overall wellbeing. As pelvic floor physical therapists, understanding the intricate relationship between sexual health and pelvic health is …

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Wrap it Up: Condoms 101

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Jandra MuellerLeave a Comment

By Jandra Mueller Here at PHRC we talk a lot about birth control. Primarily, hormonal oral contraceptives, but there are so many other options. This post will take an in-depth look at one of our favorite contraceptives: condoms. HISTORY Yes, jimmy hats, rubbers, french letters. They have been called many names, but at the end of the day the condom …

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PHRC teams up with Innovative Wellness in Walnut Creek!!!!

In Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy by Stephanie Prendergast3 Comments

    By Stephanie Prendergast   The Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center is expanding to Walnut Creek! We are excited for a unique opportunity to team up with Rachael Cabreira, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C and Certified Sexual Health Clinician inside her new private practice, Innovative Wellness. People who know us at PHRC know that we believe in coordinated, interdisciplinary care for …

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The Female Prostate: Fact or Fiction?

In Female Pelvic Pain by Stephanie Prendergast3 Comments

  By Stephanie Prendergast   Do women have a prostate? Where is the female prostate and what does it do? I have been a pelvic floor physical therapist for 17 years and, until recently,  had never heard of such a structure.   Last month, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, urologist, sexual medicine enthusiast, and International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual …